Yuzhong Qu

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Name Venue Year citations
PaTeCon: A Pattern-Based Temporal Constraint Mining Method for Conflict Detection on Knowledge Graphs. AAAI 2023 0
Question Decomposition Tree for Answering Complex Questions over Knowledge Bases. AAAI 2023 0
DyRRen: A Dynamic Retriever-Reranker-Generator Model for Numerical Reasoning over Tabular and Textual Data. AAAI 2023 0
MarkQA: A large scale KBQA dataset with numerical reasoning. EMNLP 2023 0
TIARA: Multi-grained Retrieval for Robust Question Answering over Large Knowledge Base. EMNLP 2022 1
Logical Form Generation via Multi-task Learning for Complex Question Answering over Knowledge Bases. COLING 2022 1
Semantic Framework based Query Generation for Temporal Question Answering over Knowledge Graphs. EMNLP 2022 0
AdaLoGN: Adaptive Logic Graph Network for Reasoning-Based Machine Reading Comprehension. ACL 2022 4
EDG-Based Question Decomposition for Complex Question Answering over Knowledge Bases. ISWC 2021 9
CKGG: A Chinese Knowledge Graph for High-School Geography Education and Beyond. ISWC 2021 9
PCSG: Pattern-Coverage Snippet Generation for RDF Datasets. ISWC 2021 10
ESBM: An Entity Summarization BenchMark. ESWC 2020 12
SPARQA: Skeleton-Based Semantic Parsing for Complex Questions over Knowledge Bases. AAAI 2020 47
Entity Summarization with User Feedback. ESWC 2020 12
Knowledge Graph Alignment Network with Gated Multi-Hop Neighborhood Aggregation. AAAI 2020 0
Multi-view Knowledge Graph Embedding for Entity Alignment. IJCAI 2019 148
Towards More Usable Dataset Search: From Query Characterization to Snippet Generation. CIKM 2019 15
Mapping Factoid Adjective Constraints to Existential Restrictions over Knowledge Bases. ISWC 2019 3
MiCRon: Making Sense of News via Relationship Subgraphs. CIKM 2019 6
Relevance Search over Schema-Rich Knowledge Graphs. WSDM 2019 10
TransEdge: Translating Relation-Contextualized Embeddings for Knowledge Graphs. ISWC 2019 68
A Framework for Evaluating Snippet Generation for Dataset Search. ISWC 2019 12
A Pattern-Based Approach to Recognizing Time Expressions. AAAI 2019 8
Reading Comprehension with Graph-based Temporal-Casual Reasoning. COLING 2018 17
Answering Multiple-Choice Questions in Geographical Gaokao with a Concept Graph. ESWC 2018 8
Automated Comparative Table Generation for Facilitating Human Intervention in Multi-Entity Resolution. SIGIR 2018 3
Bootstrapping Entity Alignment with Knowledge Graph Embedding. IJCAI 2018 287
Generating Illustrative Snippets for Open Data on the Web. WSDM 2017 12
HIEDS: A Generic and Efficient Approach to Hierarchical Dataset Summarization. IJCAI 2016 14
Clinga: Bringing Chinese Physical and Human Geography in Linked Open Data. ISWC 2016 5
Taking Up the Gaokao Challenge: An Information Retrieval Approach. IJCAI 2016 23
Efficient Algorithms for Association Finding and Frequent Association Pattern Mining. ISWC 2016 14
Iterative Entity Navigation via Co-clustering Semantic Links and Entity Classes. ESWC 2016 6
Facilitating Entity Navigation Through Top-K Link Patterns. ISWC 2015 4
An EBMC-Based Approach to Selecting Types for Entity Filtering. AAAI 2015 3
Summarizing Entity Descriptions for Effective and Efficient Human-centered Entity Linking. WWW 2015 25
Leveraging Distributed Human Computation and Consensus Partition for Entity Coreference. ESWC 2014 2
Facilitating Human Intervention in Coreference Resolution with Comparative Entity Summaries. ESWC 2014 9
CAMO: Integration of Linked Open Data for Multimedia Metadata Enrichment. ISWC 2014 4
Explass: Exploring Associations between Entities via Top-K Ontological Patterns and Facets. ISWC 2014 49
How Matchable Are Four Thousand Ontologies on the Semantic Web. ESWC 2011 27
RELIN: Relatedness and Informativeness-Based Centrality for Entity Summarization. ISWC 2011 106
A self-training approach for resolving object coreference on the semantic web. WWW 2011 119
An Empirical Study of Vocabulary Relatedness and Its Application to Recommender Systems. ISWC 2011 22
Object Link Structure in the Semantic Web. ESWC 2010 32
Falconer: once SIOC meets semantic search engine. WWW 2010 4
Term Dependence on the Semantic Web. ISWC 2008 24
Falcons: searching and browsing entities on the semantic web. WWW 2008 170
Ontology summarization based on rdf sentence graph. WWW 2007 172
Block Matching for Ontologies. ISWC 2006 49
Constructing virtual documents for ontology matching. WWW 2006 193
DynamicView: Distribution, Evolution and Visualization of Research Areas in Computer Science. ISWC 2005 4
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