Yufang Hou 0001

14 publications

5 venues

H Index 11


IBM Research Europe, Dublin, Ireland
Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies (HITS), Germany
Heidelberg University, Department of Computational Linguistics, Germany


Name Venue Year citations
TDMSci: A Specialized Corpus for Scientific Literature Entity Tagging of Tasks Datasets and Metrics. EACL 2021 5
Fine-grained Information Status Classification Using Discourse Context-Aware BERT. COLING 2020 3
Bridging Anaphora Resolution as Question Answering. ACL 2020 17
Corpus Wide Argument Mining - A Working Solution. AAAI 2020 25
End-to-End Argumentation Knowledge Graph Construction. AAAI 2020 20
Identification of Tasks, Datasets, Evaluation Metrics, and Numeric Scores for Scientific Leaderboards Construction. ACL 2019 30
Will it Blend? Blending Weak and Strong Labeled Data in a Neural Network for Argumentation Mining. ACL 2018 30
A Deterministic Algorithm for Bridging Anaphora Resolution. EMNLP 2018 11
Argumentation Quality Assessment: Theory vs. Practice. ACL 2017 47
Computational Argumentation Quality Assessment in Natural Language. EACL 2017 114
Incremental Fine-grained Information Status Classification Using Attention-based LSTMs. COLING 2016 15
A Rule-Based System for Unrestricted Bridging Resolution: Recognizing Bridging Anaphora and Finding Links to Antecedents. EMNLP 2014 25
Cascading Collective Classification for Bridging Anaphora Recognition using a Rich Linguistic Feature Set. EMNLP 2013 19
Collective Classification for Fine-grained Information Status. ACL 2012 47
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