Xiaoyu Shen 0001

12 publications

4 venues

H Index 10


Max Planck Institute for Informatics (MPII), Saarbr cken, Germany
Saarland University, Spoken Language Systems, Saarbr cken, Germany


Name Venue Year citations
Preventing Author Profiling through Zero-Shot Multilingual Back-Translation. EMNLP 2021 0
Neural Data-to-Text Generation with LM-based Text Augmentation. EACL 2021 20
Diversifying Dialogue Generation with Non-Conversational Text. ACL 2020 26
Neural Data-to-Text Generation via Jointly Learning the Segmentation and Correspondence. ACL 2020 31
MovieChats: Chat like Humans in a Closed Domain. EMNLP 2020 12
Improving Multi-turn Dialogue Modelling with Utterance ReWriter. ACL 2019 43
Unsupervised Rewriter for Multi-Sentence Compression. ACL 2019 10
Nexus Network: Connecting the Preceding and the Following in Dialogue Generation. EMNLP 2018 20
Towards Better Variational Encoder-Decoders in Seq2Seq Tasks. AAAI 2018 2
Dialogue Generation With GAN. AAAI 2018 15
Improving Variational Encoder-Decoders in Dialogue Generation. AAAI 2018 71
A Conditional Variational Framework for Dialog Generation. ACL 2017 97
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