Wolfgang Nejdl

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Unsupervised public health event detection for epidemic intelligence. CIKM 2010 18
A transfer approach to detecting disease reporting events in blog social media. HT 2011 9
On the Applicability of Delicious for Temporal Search on Web Archives. SIGIR 2016 7
Utility analysis for topically biased PageRank. WWW 2007 8
Benchmarking Fulltext Search Performance of RDF Stores. ESWC 2009 18
An adaptive teleportation random walk model for learning social tag relevance. SIGIR 2014 32
P-TAG: large scale automatic generation of personalized annotation tags for the web. WWW 2007 119
Efficient Parallel Computation of PageRank. ECIR 2006 40
Model-based Diagnosis with Qualitative Temporal Uncertainty. UAI 1994 7
Integrating Model-Based Monitoring and Diagnosis of Complex Dynamic Systems. IJCAI 1991 27
Latent dirichlet allocation for tag recommendation. RecSys 2009 303
W2E: A Worldwide-Event Benchmark Dataset for Topic Detection and Tracking. CIKM 2018 0
Ranking Categories for Web Search. ECIR 2008 7
Lexical analysis for modeling web query reformulation. SIGIR 2007 6
Choosing Observations and Actions in Model-Based Diagnosis/Repair Systems. KR 1992 44
Supporting temporal analytics for health-related events in microblogs. CIKM 2012 17
Formaiizing the Repair Process. ECAI 1992 0
Asking About Possibilities - Revision and Update Semantics for Subjunctive Queries. KR 1992 3
Proposing Measurements in Dynamic Systems. IJCAI 1995 2
Physical Impossibility Instead of Fault Models. AAAI 1990 56
Exploiting the wisdom of the crowds for characterizing and connecting heterogeneous resources. HT 2014 11
Multiple Models for Recommending Temporal Aspects of Entities. ESWC 2018 2
Can all tags be used for search? CIKM 2008 271
Semantically Rich Recommendations in Social Networks for Sharing, Exchanging and Ranking Semantic Context. ISWC 2005 30
EDUTELLA: a P2P networking infrastructure based on RDF. WWW 2002 709
Swarming to rank for recommender systems. RecSys 2012 7
Searching Dynamic Communities with Personal Indexes. ISWC 2005 20
Super-peer-based routing and clustering strategies for RDF-based peer-to-peer networks. WWW 2003 265
LogCanvas: Visualizing Search History Using Knowledge Graphs. SIGIR 2018 0
A Scalable Approach for Efficiently Generating Structured Dataset Topic Profiles. ESWC 2014 36
A Model-based Reasoning Approach to Circumscription. ECAI 1996 7
How to Build Google2Google - An (Incomplete) Recipe. ISWC 2004 7
A Trio Neural Model for Dynamic Entity Relatedness Ranking. CoNLL 2018 0
How useful are your comments?: analyzing and predicting youtube comments and comment ratings. WWW 2010 178
Incremental diversification for very large sets: a streaming-based approach. SIGIR 2011 48
Beyond 100 million entities: large-scale blocking-based resolution for heterogeneous data. WSDM 2012 48
Real-time top-n recommendation in social streams. RecSys 2012 91
Extracting Event-Related Information from Article Updates in Wikipedia. ECIR 2013 24
Redefining the Candidate Space in Model-Based Diagnosis. ECAI 1990 0
Finding News Citations for Wikipedia. CIKM 2016 14
Semantic Web Policies - A Discussion of Requirements and Research Issues. ESWC 2006 57
Expedition: A Time-Aware Exploratory Search System Designed for Scholars. SIGIR 2016 8
The Personal Publication Reader. ISWC 2005 17
The P-Systems: A Systematic Classification of Logics of Nonmonotonicity. AAAI 1991 11
The impact of bookmarks and annotations on refinding information. HT 2010 11
Mirror site maintenance based on evolution associations of web directories. WWW 2007 1
Boilerplate detection using shallow text features. WSDM 2010 377
A Random Walk Model for Optimization of Search Impact in Web Frontier Ranking. SIGIR 2015 1
Summarizing local context to personalize global web search. CIKM 2006 68
Bringing order to your photos: event-driven classification of flickr images based on social knowledge. CIKM 2010 66
Enhancing Expert Search Through Query Modeling. ECIR 2007 7
MailRank: using ranking for spam detection. CIKM 2005 115
Site level noise removal for search engines. WWW 2006 34
A Vector Space Model for Ranking Entities and Its Application to Expert Search. ECIR 2009 28
Combining a Co-occurrence-Based and a Semantic Measure for Entity Linking. ESWC 2013 41
How to Trace and Revise Identities. ESWC 2009 4
Attack resistant collaborative filtering. SIGIR 2008 80
DECK: Detecting Events from Web Click-Through Data. ICDM 2008 6
Efficient Semantic-Aware Detection of Near Duplicate Resources. ESWC 2010 17
Building a Desktop Search Test-Bed. ECIR 2007 23
Top-k Query Evaluation for Schema-Based Peer-to-Peer Networks. ISWC 2004 27
Using subspace analysis for event detection from web click-through data. WWW 2008 1
Exploiting Flickr Tags and Groups for Finding Landmark Photos. ECIR 2009 49
Efficient Summarizing of Evolving Events from Twitter Streams. SDM 2019 0
Harnessing the Power of Temporal Abstractions in Model-Based Diagnosis of Dynamic Systems. ECAI 1994 18
Improving music genre classification using collaborative tagging data. WSDM 2009 39
Robust collaborative filtering. RecSys 2007 87
Semantically Guided Theorem Proving for Diagnosis Applications. IJCAI 1997 30
Beyond the usual suspects: context-aware revisitation support. HT 2011 22
REVISE: An Extended Logic Programming System for Revising Knowledge Bases. KR 1994 37
Pharos: an audiovisual search platform. SIGIR 2009 2
A Static Model-Based Engine for Model-Based Reasoning. IJCAI 1997 30
Using ODP metadata to personalize search. SIGIR 2005 254
A Formal Framework for Representing Diagnosis Strategies in Model-Based Diagnosis Systems. IJCAI 1995 15
Ontology-Based Policy Specification and Management. ESWC 2005 50
Mining Affective Context in Short Films for Emotion-Aware Recommendation. HT 2015 9
A densitometric approach to web page segmentation. CIKM 2008 97
Detecting image spam using visual features and near duplicate detection. WWW 2008 76
Recommending High Utility Query via Session-Flow Graph. ECIR 2013 3
What is happening right now ... that interests me?: online topic discovery and recommendation in twitter. CIKM 2012 15
Aligning freebase with the YAGO ontology. CIKM 2013 8
Tableaux for Diagnosis Applications. TABLEAUX 1997 17
Map to humans and reduce error: crowdsourcing for deduplication applied to digital libraries. CIKM 2012 7
Personalized query expansion for the web. SIGIR 2007 252
Wildcards for lightweight information integration in virtual desktops. CIKM 2008 6
Activity Based Metadata for Semantic Desktop Search. ESWC 2005 75
LDA for on-the-fly auto tagging. RecSys 2010 14
Optimizing Multi-Relational Factorization Models for Multiple Target Relations. CIKM 2014 15
Efficient query construction for large scale data. SIGIR 2013 13
Design and Implementation of Diagnostic Strategies Using Modal Logic. JELIA 1996 1
Towards a Modification Exchange Language for Distributed RDF Repositories. ISWC 2002 15
Node Representation Learning for Directed Graphs. ECML/PKDD 2019 0
DivQ: diversification for keyword search over structured databases. SIGIR 2010 0
Beagle ESWC 2006 0
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