Name Venue Year citations
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Few-Shot Pidgin Text Adaptation via Contrastive Fine-Tuning. COLING 2022 1
Programmable Annotation with Diversed Heuristics and Data Denoising. COLING 2022 0
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Neural Data-to-Text Generation with LM-based Text Augmentation. EACL 2021 32
Does the Order of Training Samples Matter? Improving Neural Data-to-Text Generation with Curriculum Learning. EACL 2021 17
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Diverse and Relevant Visual Storytelling with Scene Graph Embeddings. CoNLL 2020 4
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Age differences in language comprehension during driving: Recovery from prediction errors is more effortful for older adults. Cognitive Science 2017 2
Psycholinguistic Models of Sentence Processing Improve Sentence Readability Ranking. EACL 2017 20
Do We Need Cross Validation for Discourse Relation Classification? EACL 2017 4
A Systematic Study of Neural Discourse Models for Implicit Discourse Relation. EACL 2017 35
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But vs. Although under the microscope. Cognitive Science 2016 4
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