Udo Hahn

47 publications

13 venues

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University of Jena, Germany


Name Venue Year Citations
Learning Indexing Patterns from One Language for the Benefit of Others. AAAI 2004 1
Concurrent Lexicalized Dependency Parsing: A Behavioral View On ParseTalk Events. COLING 1994 5
Restricted Parallelism in Object-Oriented Lexical Parsing. COLING 1996 18
On the Interaction of Metonymies and Anaphora. IJCAI 1997 18
A Conceptual Reasoning Approach to Textual Ellipsis. ECAI 1996 27
Deep Knowledge Discovery from Natural Language Texts. KDD 1997 24
Understanding metonymies in discourse. Artificial Intelligence 2002 33
Cognate Mapping - A Heuristic Strategy for the Semi-Supervised Acquisition of a Spanish Lexicon from a Portuguese Seed Lexicon. COLING 2004 38
Scalable Temporal Reasoning. IJCAI 1999 9
A Flexible Mapping Scheme for Discrete and Dimensional Emotion Representations. Cognitive Science 2017 4
Emotion Analysis as a Regression Problem - Dimensional Models and Their Implications on Emotion Representation and Metrical Evaluation. ECAI 2016 21
On Text Coherence Parsing. COLING 1992 5
An Integrated Model of Semantic and Conceptual Interpretation from Dependency Structures. COLING 2000 5
Centering in-the-Large: Computing Referential Discourse Segments. ACL 1997 19
Mereological Semantics for Bio-Ontologies. AAAI 2004 2
An Empirically Grounded Approach to Extend the Linguistic Coverage and Lexical Diversity of Verbal Probabilities. Cognitive Science 2014 0
Evaluating the Impact of Alternative Dependency Graph Encodings on Solving Event Extraction Tasks. EMNLP 2010 22
Emotion Representation Mapping for Automatic Lexicon Construction (Mostly) Performs on Human Level. COLING 2018 5
EmoBank: Studying the Impact of Annotation Perspective and Representation Format on Dimensional Emotion Analysis. EACL 2017 44
A Generalized Word Expert Model of Lexically Distributed Text Parsing. ECAI 1986 4
ParseTalk about Sentence- and Text-Level Anaphora. EACL 1995 25
Knowledge Engineering by Large-Scale Knowledge Reuse - Experience from the Medical Domain. KR 2000 14
Text Summarization Based on Terminological Logics. ECAI 1998 2
Bootstrapping dictionaries for cross-language information retrieval. SIGIR 2005 23
Computing text Constituency: An Algorithmic Approach to the Generation of Text Graphs. SIGIR 1984 8
Unsupervised Multilingual Word Sense Disambiguation via an Interlingua. AAAI 2005 7
A Cognitive Cost Model of Annotations Based on Eye-Tracking Data. ACL 2010 27
Bridging Textual Ellipses. COLING 1996 20
Collocation Extraction Based on Modifiability Statistics. COLING 2004 41
Topic Essentials. COLING 1986 4
Parthood as Spatial Inclusion - Evidence from biomedical Conceptualizations. KR 2004 11
Are Morpho-Syntactic Features More Predictive for the Resolution of Noun Phrase Coordination Ambiguity than Lexico-Semantic Similarity Scores? COLING 2008 2
Textual Expertise In Word Experts: An Approach To Text Parsing Based On Topic/Comment Monitoring. COLING 1984 1
"Tall", "Good", "High" - Compared to What? IJCAI 1997 13
Representing Natural Kinds by Spatial Inclusion and Containment. ECAI 2004 5
Bad Company - Neighborhoods in Neural Embedding Spaces Considered Harmful. COLING 2016 34
A Formal Approach to the Semantics of a Frame Data Model. IJCAI 1983 7
Concept Versioning: A Methodology for Tracking Evolutionary Concept Drift in Dynamic Concept Systems. ECAI 1994 12
Multi-Task Active Learning for Linguistic Annotations. ACL 2008 59
Concurrent Lexicalized Dependency Parsing: The ParseTalk Model. COLING 1994 18
Knowledge Generation from Texts. ECAI 1998 0
You Can't Beat Frequency (Unless You Use Linguistic Knowledge) - A Qualitative Evaluation of Association Measures for Collocation and Term Extraction. ACL 2006 49
Knowledge Mining from Textual Sources. CIKM 1997 6
Functional Centering. ACL 1996 76
High-Performance Tagging on Medical Texts. COLING 2004 13
Lean Semantic Interpretation. IJCAI 1999 22
Panel: Hypertext: "Growing Up?". SIGIR 1990 0
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