Tsutomu Terada

24 publications

3 venues

H Index 9

Name Venue Year citations
UltrasonicWhisper: Ultrasound Can Generate Audible Sound in Your Hearable. ISWC 2023 0
A Wearable Device That Makes You Blink When You Should Blink. ISWC 2022 0
Readability and legibility of fonts considering shakiness of head mounted displays. UbiComp 2019 11
Improving ultrasound-based gesture recognition using a partially shielded single microphone. UbiComp 2018 4
A context recognition method using temperature sensors in the nostrils. UbiComp 2018 8
Smart eye mask: sleep sensing system using infrared sensors. ISWC 2017 4
Toward Interest Estimation from Head Motion Using Wearable Sensors: A Case Study in Story Time for Children. HCI 2017 4
Input interface using wrinkles on clothes. ISWC 2016 7
A system for determining which player touches a card first using a wrist-worn sensor in competitive karuta. ISWC 2016 0
A Pedestrian Support System by Presenting Implicit/Explicit Human Information. HCI 2014 0
Ultrasound-based movement sensing, gesture-, and context-recognition. ISWC 2013 29
Evaluating Effect of Concreteness in Instructions for Gesture Recognition. ISWC 2011 0
HASC2011corpus: towards the common ground of human activity recognition. UbiComp 2011 31
Lighting choreographer: an LED control system for dance performances. UbiComp 2011 13
A Context Aware System Based on Scent. ISWC 2011 10
Evaluating Gesture Recognition by Multiple-Sensor-Containing Mobile Devices. ISWC 2011 14
A method for energy saving on context-aware system by sampling control and data complement. ISWC 2010 5
A motion recognition method by constancy-decision. ISWC 2010 18
Toward Achieving On-Site Programming. ISWC 2009 3
A Motion Recognition Method for a Wearable Dancing Musical Instrument. ISWC 2009 19
A Text Input Interface using a Portable Clavier for Pianists. ISWC 2007 0
An Information Layout Method for an Optical See-through HMD Considering the Background. ISWC 2007 6
An Event-driven Navigation Platform forWearable Computing Environments. ISWC 2005 0
An Event-Driven Wearable System for Supporting Motorbike Racing Teams. ISWC 2004 13
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