Name Venue Year citations
Wireless Sensor Collar for Automatic Recognition of Canine Agility Activities. ISWC 2023 0
Going Blank Comfortably: Positioning Monocular Head-Worn Displays When They are Inactive. ISWC 2023 0
PopSign ASL v1.0: An Isolated American Sign Language Dataset Collected via Smartphones. NIPS/NeurIPS 2023 0
Preferences for Captioning on Emulated Head Worn Displays While in Group Conversation. ISWC 2022 0
SilentSpeller: Towards mobile, hands-free, silent speech text entry using electropalatography. CHI 2022 6
Bit Whisperer: Enabling Ad-hoc, Short-range, Walk-Up-and-Share Data Transmissions via Surface-restricted Acoustics. UIST 2021 1
MARS: Nano-Power Battery-free Wireless Interfaces for Touch, Swipe and Speech Input. UIST 2021 6
Typing on Tap: Estimating a Finger-Worn One-Handed Chording Keyboard's Text Entry Rate. ISWC 2021 0
Wearable Subtitles: Augmenting Spoken Communication with Lightweight Eyewear for All-day Captioning. UIST 2020 14
E-Textile Microinteractions: Augmenting Twist with Flick, Slide and Grasp Gestures for Soft Electronics. CHI 2020 9
An Auto Encoder For Audio Dolphin Communication. IJCNN 2020 7
Conversational greeting detection using captioning on head worn displays versus smartphones. ISWC 2020 3
Serpentine: A Self-Powered Reversibly Deformable Cord Sensor for Human Input. CHI 2019 11
JacquardToolkit: enabling interactions with the Levi's Jacquard jacket. UbiComp 2019 3
SelfSync: exploring self-synchronous body-based hotword gestures for initiating interaction. UbiComp 2019 5
RF-pick: comparing order picking using a HUD with wearable RFID verification to traditional pick methods. UbiComp 2018 14
Towards haptic learning on a smartwatch. UbiComp 2018 12
Wristwash: towards automatic handwashing assessment using a wrist-worn device. UbiComp 2018 19
I/O Braid: Scalable Touch-Sensitive Lighted Cords Using Spiraling, Repeating Sensing Textiles and Fiber Optics. UIST 2018 52
Seesaw: rapid one-handed synchronous gesture interface for smartwatches. UbiComp 2018 5
FingerPing: Recognizing Fine-grained Hand Poses using Active Acoustic On-body Sensing. CHI 2018 61
Wear-a-CUDA: a GPU based dolphin whistle recognizer for underwater wearable computers. UbiComp 2018 0
ScratchVR: low-cost, calibration-free sensing for tactile input on mobile virtual reality enclosures. UbiComp 2018 3
Itchy nose: discreet gesture interaction using EOG sensors in smart eyewear. ISWC 2017 38
Effects of head-worn display lateral position on visual comfort while reading. ISWC 2017 4
FingOrbits: interaction with wearables using synchronized thumb movements. ISWC 2017 24
MoodLens: towards improving nonverbal emotional expression with an in-lens fiber optic display. ISWC 2016 2
A comparison of order picking methods augmented with weight checking error detection. ISWC 2016 14
Tactile taps teach rhythmic text entry: passive haptic learning of morse code. ISWC 2016 19
WatchOut: extending interactions on a smartwatch with inertial sensing. ISWC 2016 40
Creating collar-sensed motion gestures for dog-human communication in service applications. ISWC 2016 15
Whoosh: non-voice acoustics for low-cost, hands-free, and rapid input on smartwatches. ISWC 2016 32
A wearable system for detecting eating activities with proximity sensors in the outer ear. ISWC 2015 45
Comparing order picking assisted by head-up display versus pick-by-light with explicit pick confirmation. ISWC 2015 19
Canine reachability of snout-based wearable inputs. ISWC 2014 6
Passive haptic learning of Braille typing. ISWC 2014 30
A comparison of order picking assisted by head-up display (HUD), cart-mounted display (CMD), light, and paper pick list. ISWC 2014 80
Going to the dogs: towards an interactive touchscreen interface for working dogs. UIST 2014 46
The tongue and ear interface: a wearable system for silent speech recognition. ISWC 2014 48
FIDO - facilitating interactions for dogs with occupations: wearable dog-activated interfaces. ISWC 2013 78
Wearable computing: through the looking glass. ISWC 2013 12
Don't mind me touching my wrist: a case study of interacting with on-body technology in public. ISWC 2013 155
MAGIC summoning: towards automatic suggesting and testing of gestures with low probability of false positives during use. JMLR 2013 20
An underwater wearable computer for two way human-dolphin communication experimentation. ISWC 2013 10
Can i wash it?: the effect of washing conductive materials usedin making textile based wearable electronic interfaces. ISWC 2013 0
Textile Interfaces: Embroidered Jog-Wheel, Beaded Tilt Sensor, Twisted Pair Ribbon, and Sound Sequins. ISWC 2012 37
Studying Order Picking in an Operating Automobile Manufacturing Plant. ISWC 2012 12
AirTouch: Synchronizing In-air Hand Gesture and On-body Tactile Feedback to Augment Mobile Gesture Interaction. ISWC 2011 29
MAGIC: a motion gesture design tool. CHI 2010 146
BuzzWear: alert perception in wearable tactile displays on the wrist. CHI 2010 139
Touchfire: Towards a glove-mounted tactile display for rendering temperature readings for firefighters. ISWC 2010 12
Dancing in the Streets: The design and evaluation of a wearable health game. ISWC 2010 22
Mobile music touch: mobile tactile stimulation for passive learning. CHI 2010 85
The Textile Interface Swatchbook: Creating graphical user interface-like widgets with conductive embroidery. ISWC 2010 69
Mobile Music Touch: The effect of primary tasks on passively learning piano sequences. ISWC 2010 19
An empirical task analysis of warehouse order picking using head-mounted displays. CHI 2010 69
A Naive Technique Correcting Time-Series Data for Recognition Applications. ISWC 2009 6
Is It Gropable? - Assessing the Impact of Mobility on Textile Interfaces. ISWC 2009 0
Automatic whiteout++: correcting mini-QWERTY typing errors using keypress timing. CHI 2008 31
Stop burdening your eyes: A wearable electro-tactile display. ISWC 2008 14
Localization and 3D reconstruction of urban scenes using GPS. ISWC 2008 25
AstroWheelie: A wheelchair based exercise game. ISWC 2008 20
PianoTouch: A wearable haptic piano instruction system for passive learning of piano skills. ISWC 2008 72
Quickdraw: the impact of mobility and on-body placement on device access time. CHI 2008 108
Discovering Multivariate Motifs using Subsequence Density Estimation and Greedy Mixture Learning. AAAI 2007 104
Detecting Subdimensional Motifs: An Efficient Algorithm for Generalized Multivariate Pattern Discovery. ICDM 2007 84
Revisiting and validating a model of two-thumb text entry. CHI 2007 22
GART: The Gesture and Activity Recognition Toolkit. HCI 2007 64
Hambone: A Bio-Acoustic Gesture Interface. ISWC 2007 61
Improving Activity Discovery with Automatic Neighborhood Estimation. IJCAI 2007 66
The Gesture Watch: A Wireless Contact-free Gesture based Wrist Interface. ISWC 2007 179
Activity Recognition of Assembly Tasks Using Body-Worn Microphones and Accelerometers. TPAMI 2006 472
ActionGSR: A Combination Galvanic Skin Response-Accelerometer for Physiological Measurements in Active Environments. ISWC 2006 49
Discovering Characteristic Actions from On-Body Sensor Data. ISWC 2006 148
Recognizing Mimicked Autistic Self-Stimulatory Behaviors Using HMMs. ISWC 2005 77
The Impacts of Limited Visual Feedback on Mobile Text Entry for the Twiddler and Mini-QWERTY Keyboards. ISWC 2005 56
Augmenting a pH Medical Study with Wearable Video for Treatment of GERD. ISWC 2004 4
FreeDigiter: A Contact-Free Device for Gesture Control. ISWC 2004 63
Twiddler typing: one-handed chording text entry for mobile phones. CHI 2004 219
Expert Chording Text Entry on the Twiddler One-Handed Keyboard. ISWC 2004 80
Augmenting conversations using dual-purpose speech. UIST 2004 52
SoundButton: Design of a Low Power Wearable Audio Classification System. ISWC 2003 59
Using Multiple Sensors for Mobile Sign Language Recognition. ISWC 2003 183
KeyMenu: A Keyboard Based Hierarchical Menu. ISWC 2003 13
Expectation Grammars: Leveraging High-Level Expectations for Activity Recognition. CVPR 2003 131
Learning Significant Locations and Predicting User Movement with GPS. ISWC 2002 409
Mobile Capture for Wearable Computer Usability Testing. ISWC 2001 56
Finding Location Using Omnidirectional Video on a Wearable Computing Platform. ISWC 2000 40
A Context-Based Document System for Wearable Computers. ISWC 2000 4
The Gesture Pendant: A Self-illuminating, Wearable, Infrared Computer Vision System for Home Automation Control and Medical Monitoring. ISWC 2000 319
MIND-WARPING: towards creating a compelling collaborative augmented reality game. IUI 2000 106
Privacy, Wearable Computers, and Recording Technology. ISWC 1998 8
Visual Contextual Awareness in Wearable Computing. ISWC 1998 171
A Heat Dissipation Tutorial for Wearable Computers. ISWC 1998 13
Real-Time American Sign Language Recognition Using Desk and Wearable Computer Based Video. TPAMI 1998 1393
Stochasticks: Augmenting the Billiards Experience with Probabilistic Vision and Wearable Computers. ISWC 1997 122
The Digital Doctor: An Experiment in Wearable Telemedicine. ISWC 1997 25
A Wearable Computer Based American Sign Language Recognizer. ISWC 1997 0
The Locust Swarm: An Enviromentally-Powered, Networkless Location and Messaging System. ISWC 1997 0
View-based and modular eigenspaces for face recognition. CVPR 1994 2267
Visually Controlled Graphics. TPAMI 1993 229
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