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2023 - Computer Science in United Kingdom Leader Award
2022 - Computer Science in United Kingdom Leader Award
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Name Venue Year citations
SCENE: Reasoning About Traffic Scenes Using Heterogeneous Graph Neural Networks. IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters 2023 1
Link Prediction with Attention Applied on Multiple Knowledge Graph Embedding Models. WWW 2023 0
HiPrompt: Few-Shot Biomedical Knowledge Fusion via Hierarchy-Oriented Prompting. SIGIR 2023 0
Integrating Knowledge Graph Embeddings and Pre-trained Language Models in Hypercomplex Spaces. ISWC 2023 0
Knowledge Graphs for Knowing More and Knowing for Sure. CIKM 2023 0
Shrinking Embeddings for Hyper-Relational Knowledge Graphs. ACL 2023 0
ReLiNet: Stable and Explainable Multistep Prediction with Recurrent Linear Parameter Varying Networks. IJCAI 2023 0
Fairness Implications of Encoding Protected Categorical Attributes. AIES 2023 0
Tensor-based Graph Modularity for Text Data Clustering. SIGIR 2022 0
NILK: Entity Linking Dataset Targeting NIL-linking Cases. CIKM 2022 1
Ultrahyperbolic Knowledge Graph Embeddings. KDD 2022 4
Faithful Embeddings for ISWC 2022 0
Hyperbolic Embedding Inference for Structured Multi-Label Prediction. NIPS/NeurIPS 2022 0
Pseudo-Riemannian Graph Convolutional Networks. NIPS/NeurIPS 2022 0
ProGS: Property Graph Shapes Language. ISWC 2021 0
Hummer: Text Entry by Gaze and Hum. CHI 2021 5
TAGSwipe: Touch Assisted Gaze Swipe for Text Entry. CHI 2020 14
Leveraging Error Correction in Voice-based Text Entry by Talk-and-Gaze. CHI 2020 6
Concept Contraction in the Description Logic EL. KR 2020 0
Deciding SHACL Shape Containment Through Description Logics Reasoning. ISWC 2020 0
GeoSPARQL+: Syntax, Semantics and System for Integrated Querying of Graph, Raster and Vector Data. ISWC 2020 0
BeSEPPI: Semantic-Based Benchmarking of Property Path Implementations. ESWC 2019 3
Type Checking Program Code Using SHACL. ISWC 2019 8
Methods for Intrinsic Evaluation of Links in the Web of Data. ESWC 2017 8
Programming the Semantic Web. ESWC 2014 71
Detecting non-gaussian geographical topics in tagged photo collections. WSDM 2014 39
A Generalized Language Model as the Combination of Skipped n-grams and Modified Kneser Ney Smoothing. ACL 2014 29
Smart photo selection: interpret gaze as personal interest. CHI 2014 28
Semantic Web Application Development with LITEQ. ISWC 2014 19
Locking for Concurrent Transactions on Ontologies. ESWC 2013 3
Measuring the influence of tag recommenders on the indexing quality in tagging systems. HT 2012 12
How to do things with triples. HT 2012 0
Declarative Representation of Programming Access to Ontologies. ESWC 2012 7
SPLODGE: Systematic Generation of SPARQL Benchmark Queries for Linked Open Data. ISWC 2012 76
Ontologies and Similarity. ICCBR 2011 6
ATTention: Understanding Authors and Topics in Context of Temporal Evolution. ECIR 2011 4
strukt - A Pattern System for Integrating Individual and Organizational Knowledge Work. ISWC 2011 7
Collaborative Semantic Points of Interests. ESWC 2010 10
An Unsupervised Approach for Acquiring Ontologies and RDF Data from Online Life Science Databases. ESWC 2010 1
Semantic Recognition of Ontology Refactoring. ISWC 2010 19
Representing Distributed Groups with ESWC 2010 0
Modeling and Query Patterns for Process Retrieval in OWL. ISWC 2009 16
Exploiting Flickr Tags and Groups for Finding Landmark Photos. ECIR 2009 65
Explicit Versus Latent Concept Models for Cross-Language Information Retrieval. IJCAI 2009 95
TripleRank: Ranking Semantic Web Data by Tensor Decomposition. ISWC 2009 223
Cicero: Tracking Design Rationale in Collaborative Ontology Engineering. ESWC 2008 47
Networked graphs: a declarative mechanism for SPARQL rules, SPARQL views and RDF data integration on the web. WWW 2008 121
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Querying for meta knowledge. WWW 2008 46
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Ontology Engineering Revisited: An Iterative Case Study. ESWC 2006 32
Searching Dynamic Communities with Personal Indexes. ISWC 2005 34
An Argumentation Ontology for DIstributed, Loosely-controlled and evolvInG Engineering processes of oNTologies (DILIGENT). ESWC 2005 126
Semantic Annotation of Images and Videos for Multimedia Analysis. ESWC 2005 246
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Gimme' the context: context-driven automatic semantic annotation with C-PANKOW. WWW 2005 208
Feature Weighting for Co-occurrence-based Classification of Words. COLING 2004 29
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Remindin': semantic query routing in peer-to-peer networks based on social metaphors. WWW 2004 195
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On Non-Binary Temporal Relations. ECAI 1998 14
"Tall", "Good", "High" - Compared to What? IJCAI 1997 22
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