Stefan Heinz 0001

8 publications

2 venues

H Index 7


Name Venue Year citations
A Status Report on Conflict Analysis in Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming. CPAIOR 2019 7
Experiments with Conflict Analysis in Mixed Integer Programming. CPAIOR 2017 18
Recent Improvements Using Constraint Integer Programming for Resource Allocation and Scheduling. CPAIOR 2013 26
Reconsidering Mixed Integer Programming and MIP-Based Hybrids for Scheduling. CPAIOR 2012 16
A Constraint Integer Programming Approach for Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling. CPAIOR 2010 44
Using Model Counting to Find Optimal Distinguishing Tests. CPAIOR 2009 12
Nonlinear Pseudo-Boolean Optimization: Relaxation or Propagation?. SAT 2009 23
Counting Solutions of Integer Programs Using Unrestricted Subtree Detection. CPAIOR 2008 14
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