Stefan Edelkamp

31 publications

9 venues

H Index12


University of Bremen, TZI, Germany


Name Venue Year Citations
BDDs Strike Back (in AI Planning). AAAI 2015 13
Symbolic Classification of General Multi-Player Games. ECAI 2008 2
Transition Trees for Cost-Optimal Symbolic Planning. ICAPS 2013 10
Updating Shortest Paths. ECAI 1998 17
GPU Exploration of Two-Player Games with Perfect Hash Functions. SOCS 2010 6
Directed Automated Theorem Proving. LPAR 2002 2
Cost-Algebraic Heuristic Search. AAAI 2005 14
Optimal Metric Planning with State Sets in Automata Representation. AAAI 2008 2
Perfect Hashing for State Space Exploration on the GPU. ICAPS 2010 12
Limits and Possibilities of BDDs in State Space Search. AAAI 2008 13
The Deterministic Part of IPC-4: An Overview. JAIR 2005 124
Monte-Carlo Tree Search for the Multiple Sequence Alignment Problem. SOCS 2015 10
Optimal Symbolic Planning with Action Costs and Preferences. IJCAI 2009 27
The Bitvector Machine: A Fast and Robust Machine Learning Algorithm for Non-linear Problems. ECML/PKDD 2012 2
Improving Cost-Optimal Domain-Independent Symbolic Planning. AAAI 2011 20
Exploiting the Computational Power of the Graphics Card: Optimal State Space Planning on the GPU. ICAPS 2011 11
Efficient symbolic search for cost-optimal planning. Artificial Intelligence 2017 18
Solving Graph Optimization Problems in a Framework for Monte-Carlo Search. SOCS 2017 0
Layer-Abstraction for Symbolically Solving General Two-Player Games. SOCS 2010 5
Cost-Optimal External Planning. AAAI 2006 12
External Symbolic Heuristic Search with Pattern Databases. ICAPS 2005 19
Symbolic and Explicit Search Hybrid through Perfect Hash Functions - A Case Study in Connect Four. ICAPS 2014 1
On the Complexity of BDDs for State Space Search: A Case Study in Connect Four. AAAI 2011 12
Challenging Human Supremacy in Skat. SOCS 2019 2
Engineering Benchmarks for Planning: the Domains Used in the Deterministic Part of IPC-4. JAIR 2006 42
External Memory Value Iteration. ICAPS 2007 7
On the Compilation of Plan Constraints and Preferences. ICAPS 2006 46
Cost-Optimal Symbolic Planning with State Trajectory and Preference Constraints. ECAI 2006 7
Symbolic A ECAI 2012 0
Time complexity of iterative-deepening-A Artificial Intelligence 2001 0
Taming Numbers and Durations in the Model Checking Integrated Planning System. JAIR 2003 0
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