Stefan Edelkamp

40 publications

11 venues

H Index 17


King's College London, UK
University of Bremen, TZI, Germany


Name Venue Year citations
Optimize Planning Heuristics to Rank, not to Estimate Cost-to-Goal. NIPS/NeurIPS 2023 0
Optimal Mixed Strategies for Cost-Adversarial Planning Games. ICAPS 2022 0
Competing for Resources: Estimating Adversary Strategy for Effective Plan Generation. AAAI 2022 0
Deep RRT. SOCS 2022 0
Effective Planning in Resource-Competition Problems by Task Decomposition. SOCS 2022 0
Adversary Strategy Sampling for Effective Plan Generation. SOCS 2021 0
Representing and Reducing Uncertainty for Enumerating the Belief Space to Improve Endgame Play in Skat. ECAI 2020 7
Challenging Human Supremacy in Skat. SOCS 2019 0
Integrating Temporal Reasoning and Sampling-Based Motion Planning for Multigoal Problems With Dynamics and Time Windows. IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters 2018 13
Multiregion Inspection by Combining Clustered Traveling Salesman Tours With Sampling-Based Motion Planning. IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters 2017 9
Efficient symbolic search for cost-optimal planning. Artificial Intelligence 2017 49
Solving Graph Optimization Problems in a Framework for Monte-Carlo Search. SOCS 2017 0
Monte-Carlo Tree Search for the Multiple Sequence Alignment Problem. SOCS 2015 27
BDDs Strike Back (in AI Planning). AAAI 2015 24
Symbolic and Explicit Search Hybrid through Perfect Hash Functions - A Case Study in Connect Four. ICAPS 2014 4
Transition Trees for Cost-Optimal Symbolic Planning. ICAPS 2013 16
The Bitvector Machine: A Fast and Robust Machine Learning Algorithm for Non-linear Problems. ECML/PKDD 2012 5
Symbolic A ECAI 2012 0
Improving Cost-Optimal Domain-Independent Symbolic Planning. AAAI 2011 36
On the Complexity of BDDs for State Space Search: A Case Study in Connect Four. AAAI 2011 23
Exploiting the Computational Power of the Graphics Card: Optimal State Space Planning on the GPU. ICAPS 2011 19
GPU Exploration of Two-Player Games with Perfect Hash Functions. SOCS 2010 15
Layer-Abstraction for Symbolically Solving General Two-Player Games. SOCS 2010 7
Perfect Hashing for State Space Exploration on the GPU. ICAPS 2010 20
Optimal Symbolic Planning with Action Costs and Preferences. IJCAI 2009 53
Optimal Metric Planning with State Sets in Automata Representation. AAAI 2008 3
Limits and Possibilities of BDDs in State Space Search. AAAI 2008 23
Symbolic Classification of General Multi-Player Games. ECAI 2008 3
External Memory Value Iteration. ICAPS 2007 10
Cost-Optimal Symbolic Planning with State Trajectory and Preference Constraints. ECAI 2006 9
Engineering Benchmarks for Planning: the Domains Used in the Deterministic Part of IPC-4. JAIR 2006 73
On the Compilation of Plan Constraints and Preferences. ICAPS 2006 73
Cost-Optimal External Planning. AAAI 2006 18
The Deterministic Part of IPC-4: An Overview. JAIR 2005 173
External Symbolic Heuristic Search with Pattern Databases. ICAPS 2005 31
Cost-Algebraic Heuristic Search. AAAI 2005 26
Taming Numbers and Durations in the Model Checking Integrated Planning System. JAIR 2003 97
Directed Automated Theorem Proving. LPAR 2002 2
Time complexity of iterative-deepening-A Artificial Intelligence 2001 0
Updating Shortest Paths. ECAI 1998 19
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