Name Venue Year citations
pFedV: Mitigating Feature Distribution Skewness via Personalized Federated Learning with Variational Distribution Constraints. PAKDD 2023 0
Data Reliability and Trustworthiness Through Digital Transmission Contracts. ESWC 2021 3
HTTP Extensions for the Management of Highly Dynamic Data Resources. ESWC 2021 1
SchemaTree: Maximum-Likelihood Property Recommendation for Wikidata. ESWC 2020 5
Knowledge Representation on the Web Revisited: The Case for Prototypes. ISWC 2016 7
Gagg: A Graph Aggregation Operator. ESWC 2015 4
SYRql: A Dataflow Language for Large Scale Processing of RDF Data. ISWC 2014 3
Linked Biomedical Dataspace: Lessons Learned Integrating Data for Drug Discovery. ISWC 2014 34
Secure Manipulation of Linked Data. ISWC 2013 27
A dual-mode user interface for accessing 3D content on the world wide web. WWW 2012 54
Linking Semantic Desktop Data to the Web of Data. ISWC 2011 16
Getting the Meaning Right: A Complementary Distributional Layer for the Web Semantics. ISWC 2011 22 live views on the web of data. WWW 2010 232
SAOR: Template Rule Optimisations for Distributed Reasoning over 1 Billion Linked Data Triples. ISWC 2010 63
Integrating Text with Video and 3D Graphics: The Effects of Text Drawing Styles on Text Readability. CHI 2010 77
Hierarchical Link Analysis for Ranking Web Data. ESWC 2010 71
Hey! Ho! Let's Go! Explanatory Music Recommendations with dbrec. ESWC 2010 14
Produce and Consume Linked Data with Drupal! ISWC 2009 103
Using Naming Authority to Rank Data and Ontologies for Web Search. ISWC 2009 70
Bridging the Gap between Linked Data and the Semantic Desktop. ISWC 2009 6
Towards Lightweight and Robust Large Scale Emergent Knowledge Processing. ISWC 2009 6
Semantic Sitemaps: Efficient and Flexible Access to Datasets on the Semantic Web. ESWC 2008 70
KonneXSALT: First Steps Towards a Semantic Claim Federation Infrastructure. ESWC 2008 17
IVEA: An Information Visualization Tool for Personalized Exploratory Document Collection Analysis. ESWC 2008 27
Semantic Email as a Communication Medium for the Social Semantic Desktop. ESWC 2008 23
Demo: Visual Programming for the Semantic Desktop with Konduit. ESWC 2008 5
Towards a scalable search and query engine for the web. WWW 2007 41
Simple Algorithms for Predicate Suggestions Using Similarity and Co-occurrence. ESWC 2007 32
SALT - Semantically Annotated LaTeX for Scientific Publications. ESWC 2007 123
ActiveRDF: object-oriented semantic web programming. WWW 2007 89
How semantics make better wikis. WWW 2006 36
Extending Faceted Navigation for RDF Data. ISWC 2006 266
Graphical representation of RDF queries. WWW 2006 15
MultiCrawler: A Pipelined Architecture for Crawling and Indexing Semantic Web Data. ISWC 2006 99
Towards Semantically-Interlinked Online Communities. ESWC 2005 297
Ontology-Based Resource Matching in the Grid - The Grid Meets the Semantic Web. ISWC 2003 209
Description logic programs: combining logic programs with description logic. WWW 2003 1153
Logic Databases on the Semantic Web: Challenges and Opportunities. ICLP 2002 1
TRIPLE - A Query, Inference, and Transformation Language for the Semantic Web. ISWC 2002 404
EDUTELLA: a P2P networking infrastructure based on RDF. WWW 2002 1032
Enabling knowledge representation on the Web by extending RDF schema. WWW 2001 198
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