Name Venue Year citations
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Evaluating Multilingual Text Encoders for Unsupervised Cross-Lingual Retrieval. ECIR 2021 18
Come hither or go away? Recognising pre-electoral coalition signals in the news. EMNLP 2021 2
A General Framework for Implicit and Explicit Debiasing of Distributional Word Vector Spaces. AAAI 2020 0
Policy Preference Detection in Parliamentary Debate Motions. CoNLL 2019 10
Multilingual and Cross-Lingual Graded Lexical Entailment. ACL 2019 12
Computational Analysis of Political Texts: Bridging Research Efforts Across Communities. ACL 2019 12
Unsupervised Semantic Frame Induction using Triclustering. ACL 2018 16
Investigating the Role of Argumentation in the Rhetorical Analysis of Scientific Publications with Neural Multi-Task Learning Models. EMNLP 2018 19
Efficient Pruning of Large Knowledge Graphs. IJCAI 2018 10
Unsupervised Cross-Lingual Information Retrieval Using Monolingual Data Only. SIGIR 2018 59
The ContrastMedium Algorithm: Taxonomy Induction From Noisy Knowledge Graphs With Just A Few Links. EACL 2017 13
Dual Tensor Model for Detecting Asymmetric Lexico-Semantic Relations. EMNLP 2017 30
Unsupervised Cross-Lingual Scaling of Political Texts. EACL 2017 21
Improving Neural Knowledge Base Completion with Cross-Lingual Projections. EACL 2017 10
Topic-Based Agreement and Disagreement in US Electoral Manifestos. EMNLP 2017 24
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Exploring Neural Text Simplification Models. ACL 2017 185
Global RDF Vector Space Embeddings. ISWC 2017 73
Unsupervised Does Not Mean Uninterpretable: The Case for Word Sense Induction and Disambiguation. EACL 2017 29
Automatic Assessment of Absolute Sentence Complexity. IJCAI 2017 8
Linked Disambiguated Distributional Semantic Networks. ISWC 2016 25
Finding Relevant Relations in Relevant Documents. ECIR 2016 9
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Editorial. Artificial Intelligence 2013 0
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Semantic Role Labeling for Coreference Resolution. EACL 2006 40
Semantic Role Labeling Using Lexical Statistical Information. CoNLL 2005 5
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