Rui Wang 0005

19 publications

9 venues

H Index 14


Vipshop (China) Co., Ltd., Guangzhou, China
Alibaba Group, Hangzhou, China
Saarland University, Saarbr cken, Germany


Name Venue Year citations
Prototypical Representation Learning for Relation Extraction. ICLR 2021 14
Chinese Opinion Role Labeling with Corpus Translation: A Pivot Study. EMNLP 2021 0
Entity Relation Extraction as Dependency Parsing in Visually Rich Documents. EMNLP 2021 0
Relational Graph Attention Network for Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis. ACL 2020 92
Semantic Role Labeling with Heterogeneous Syntactic Knowledge. COLING 2020 2
Large Scale Abstractive Multi-Review Summarization (LSARS) via Aspect Alignment. SIGIR 2020 1
SentiX: A Sentiment-Aware Pre-Trained Model for Cross-Domain Sentiment Analysis. COLING 2020 10
Multi-Domain Dialogue Acts and Response Co-Generation. ACL 2020 23
Syntax-Aware Opinion Role Labeling with Dependency Graph Convolutional Networks. ACL 2020 14
Boundary Enhanced Neural Span Classification for Nested Named Entity Recognition. AAAI 2020 21
Syntax-Aware Neural Semantic Role Labeling. AAAI 2019 25
A Deep Cascade Model for Multi-Document Reading Comprehension. AAAI 2019 37
Semi-supervised Domain Adaptation for Dependency Parsing. ACL 2019 16
BiSET: Bi-directional Selective Encoding with Template for Abstractive Summarization. ACL 2019 33
Self-attentive Biaffine Dependency Parsing. IJCAI 2019 21
Recognizing Textual Relatedness with Predicate-Argument Structures. EMNLP 2009 32
Inference Rules and their Application to Recognizing Textual Entailment. EACL 2009 31
Hybrid Learning of Dependency Structures from Heterogeneous Linguistic Resources. CoNLL 2008 17
Recognizing Textual Entailment Using a Subsequence Kernel Method. AAAI 2007 53
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