Robert Bredereck

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Name Venue Year citations
Rank Aggregation Using Scoring Rules. AAAI 2023 0
Bribery Can Get Harder in Structured Multiwinner Approval Election. AAMAS 2023 0
Algorithmics of Egalitarian versus Equitable Sequences of Committees. IJCAI 2023 0
Efficiently Computing Smallest Agreeable Sets. ECAI 2023 0
High-Multiplicity Fair Allocation Using Parametric Integer Linear Programming. ECAI 2023 0
Improving Resource Allocations by Sharing in Pairs. JAIR 2023 0
Fine-grained view on bribery for group identification. Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems 2023 0
When Votes Change and Committees Should (Not). IJCAI 2022 1
Single-Peaked Opinion Updates. IJCAI 2022 0
Multivariate Algorithmics for Eliminating Envy by Donating Goods. AAMAS 2022 0
On Improving Resource Allocations by Sharing. AAAI 2022 0
Combating Collusion Rings Is Hard but Possible. AAAI 2022 0
Expected Frequency Matrices of Elections: Computation, Geometry, and Preference Learning. NIPS/NeurIPS 2022 0
Envy-free allocations respecting social networks. Artificial Intelligence 2022 0
A Multivariate Complexity Analysis of the Material Consumption Scheduling Problem. AAAI 2021 1
Winner Robustness via Swap- and Shift-Bribery: Parameterized Counting Complexity and Experiments. IJCAI 2021 14
High-Multiplicity Fair Allocation Made More Practical. AAMAS 2021 3
Putting a Compass on the Map of Elections. IJCAI 2021 13
On coalitional manipulation for multiwinner elections: shortlisting. Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems 2021 0
Bribery and Control in Stable Marriage. JAIR 2021 0
Robustness among multiwinner voting rules. Artificial Intelligence 2021 0
Multidimensional Stable Roommates with Master List. WINE 2020 12
Parameterized Algorithms for Finding a Collective Set of Items. AAAI 2020 10
Electing Successive Committees: Complexity and Algorithms. AAAI 2020 6
Strategic Campaign Management in Apportionment Elections. IJCAI 2020 1
Maximizing the Spread of an Opinion in Few Steps: Opinion Diffusion in Non-Binary Networks. IJCAI 2020 5
Fine-Grained View on Bribery for Group Identification. IJCAI 2020 9
Adapting Stable Matchings to Evolving Preferences. AAAI 2020 0
Stable roommates with narcissistic, single-peaked, and single-crossing preferences. Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems 2020 0
Complexity of Manipulation in Premise-Based Judgment Aggregation with Simple Formulas. AAMAS 2019 0
Hedonic Diversity Games. AAMAS 2019 14
An Experimental View on Committees Providing Justified Representation. IJCAI 2019 18
Envy-Free Allocations Respecting Social Networks. AAMAS 2018 34
Multiwinner Elections With Diversity Constraints. AAAI 2018 0
On Coalitional Manipulation for Multiwinner Elections: Shortlisting. IJCAI 2017 11
On Parameterized Complexity of Group Activity Selection Problems on Social Networks. AAMAS 2017 24
Manipulating Opinion Diffusion in Social Networks. IJCAI 2017 56
Teams in Online Scheduling Polls: Game-Theoretic Aspects. AAAI 2017 0
Stable Roommate with Narcissistic, Single-Peaked, and Single-Crossing Preferences. ADT 2017 0
Parliamentary Voting Procedures: Agenda Control, Manipulation, and Uncertainty. JAIR 2017 0
Complexity of Efficient and Envy-Free Resource Allocation: Few Agents, Resources, or Utility Levels. IJCAI 2016 27
Complexity of Shift Bribery in Committee Elections. AAAI 2016 38
Large-Scale Election Campaigns: Combinatorial Shift Bribery. JAIR 2016 0
Elections with Few Candidates: Prices, Weights, and Covering Problems. ADT 2015 33
Parliamentary Voting Procedures: Agenda Control, Manipulation, and Uncertainty. IJCAI 2015 12
Large-Scale Election Campaigns: Combinatorial Shift Bribery. AAMAS 2015 40
Prices Matter for the Parameterized Complexity of Shift Bribery. AAAI 2014 58
Theoretical and empirical evaluation of data reduction for exact Kemeny Rank Aggregation. Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems 2014 51
The effect of homogeneity on the computational complexity of combinatorial data anonymization. DMKD 2014 0
A Multivariate Complexity Analysis of Lobbying in Multiple Referenda. JAIR 2014 0
How to Put through Your Agenda in Collective Binary Decisions. ADT 2013 8
Are There Any Nicely Structured Preference Profiles Nearby? IJCAI 2013 69
A Multivariate Complexity Analysis of Lobbying in Multiple Referenda. AAAI 2012 37
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