Ringo Baumann

16 publications

7 venues

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Name Venue Year Citations
Context-free and Context-sensitive Kernels: Update and Deletion Equivalence in abstract Argumentation. ECAI 2014 16
Extension Removal in Abstract Argumentation - An Axiomatic Approach. AAAI 2019 3
AGM Meets Abstract Argumentation: Expansion and Revision for Dung Frameworks. IJCAI 2015 30
A Study of Unrestricted Abstract Argumentation Frameworks. IJCAI 2017 6
An Abstract Logical Approach to Characterizing Strong Equivalence in Logic-based Knowledge Representation Formalisms. KR 2016 4
AGM Meets Abstract Argumentation: Contraction for Dung Frameworks. JELIA 2019 0
Normal and strong expansion equivalence for argumentation frameworks. Artificial Intelligence 2012 41
Compact Argumentation Frameworks. ECAI 2014 18
What Does it Take to Enforce an Argument? Minimal Change in abstract Argumentation. ECAI 2012 84
A general notion of equivalence for abstract argumentation. Artificial Intelligence 2019 5
A General Notion of Equivalence for Abstract Argumentation. IJCAI 2017 2
If Nothing Is Accepted - Repairing Argumentation Frameworks. KR 2018 1
Characterizing Equivalence Notions for Labelling-Based Semantics. KR 2016 6
On rejected arguments and implicit conflicts: The hidden power of argumentation semantics. Artificial Intelligence 2016 6
State Defaults and Ramifications in the Unifying Action Calculus. KR 2010 16
If Nothing Is Accepted - Repairing Argumentation Frameworks. JAIR 2019 0
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