Richard Booth 0001

29 publications

11 venues

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University of Leipzig, Department of Computer Science, Germany
University of Luxembourg, Interdisciplinary Centre for Security,
Cardiff University, Computer Science & Informatics, UK


Name Venue Year Citations
Trust-Sensitive Belief Revision. IJCAI 2015 8
PTL: A Propositional Typicality Logic. JELIA 2012 24
Next Steps in Propositional Horn Contraction. IJCAI 2009 35
Credibility-Limited Revision Operators in Propositional Logic. KR 2012 6
Reconstructing an Agent's Epistemic State from Observations. IJCAI 2005 16
Knowledge Integration for Description Logics. AAAI 2005 82
A Bad Day Surfing Is Better than a Good Day Working: How to Revise a Total Preorder. KR 2006 16
From iterated revision to iterated contraction: Extending the Harper Identity. Artificial Intelligence 2019 1
Learning conditionally lexicographic preference relations. ECAI 2010 51
A Unifying Semantics for Belief Change. ECAI 2004 7
On Strengthening the Logic of Iterated Belief Revision: Proper Ordinal Interval Operators. KR 2018 2
On the Link between Partial Meet, Kernel, and Infra Contraction and its Application to Horn Logic. JAIR 2011 26
Interval Methods for Judgment Aggregation in Argumentation. KR 2014 20
Horn Belief Change: A Contraction Core. ECAI 2010 7
Abduction and Dialogical Proof in Argumentation and Logic Programming. ECAI 2014 8
Extending the Harper Identity to Iterated Belief Change. IJCAI 2016 5
Credibility-Limited Improvement Operators. ECAI 2014 3
Admissible and Restrained Revision. JAIR 2006 52
On revising fuzzy belief bases. UAI 2003 13
Social Contraction and Belief Negotiation. KR 2002 57
On the Entailment Problem for a Logic of Typicality. IJCAI 2015 15
Trust as a Precursor to Belief Revision. JAIR 2018 1
Property-Based Preferences in Abstract Argumentation. ADT 2013 4
Finding Maximally Satisfiable Terminologies for the Description Logic ALC. AAAI 2006 83
Quantifying disagreement in argument-based reasoning. AAMAS 2012 24
Double preference relations for generalised belief change. Artificial Intelligence 2010 3
Belief liberation (and retraction). TARK 2003 14
Equilibria in Social Belief Removal. KR 2008 0
On rational entailment for Propositional Typicality Logic. Artificial Intelligence 2019 0
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