Ralf Wimmer 0001

7 publications

4 venues

H Index 6


Concept Engineering GmbH, Freiburg, Germany
University of Freiburg, Institute of Computer Science, Germany


Name Venue Year citations
A PSPACE Subclass of Dependency Quantified Boolean Formulas and Its Effective Solving. AAAI 2019 5
Counterexample-Guided Strategy Improvement for POMDPs Using Recurrent Neural Networks. IJCAI 2019 13
Dependency Quantified Boolean Formulas: An Overview of Solution Methods and Applications - Extended Abstract. SAT 2018 9
Finite-State Controllers of POMDPs using Parameter Synthesis. UAI 2018 41
From DQBF to QBF by Dependency Elimination. SAT 2017 8
Dependency Schemes for DQBF. SAT 2016 11
Preprocessing for DQBF. SAT 2015 23
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