Name Venue Year citations
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A Bayesian Extension of the Description Logic JELIA 2019 0
Making Repairs in Description Logics More Gentle. KR 2018 33
Two Approaches to Ontology Aggregation Based on Axiom Weakening. IJCAI 2018 18
Cutting Diamonds: A Temporal Logic with Probabilistic Distributions. KR 2018 11
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Understanding the complexity of axiom pinpointing in lightweight description logics. Artificial Intelligence 2017 39
Semantic Rules for Machine Diagnostics: Execution and Management. CIKM 2017 12
Lean Kernels in Description Logics. ESWC 2017 15
A Decidable Very Expressive Description Logic for Databases. ISWC 2017 6
Query Answering in Ontologies under Preference Rankings. IJCAI 2017 2
Efficient Reasoning for Inconsistent Horn Formulae. JELIA 2016 13
BEACON: An Efficient SAT-Based Tool for Debugging SAT 2016 0
Complexity Results for Probabilistic Datalog ECAI 2016 0
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Error-Tolerant Reasoning in the Description Logic $\mathcal{E{\kern-.1em}L}$. JELIA 2014 14
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Answering Instance Queries Relaxed by Concept Similarity. KR 2014 11
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