Pedro A. Szekely

59 publications

17 venues

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Amazon Alexa, CA, USA
University of Southern California, Information Sciences Institute, Los Angeles, USA


Name Venue Year citations
Augmenting Knowledge Graphs for Better Link Prediction. IJCAI 2022 2
From Tables to Knowledge: Recent Advances in Table Understanding. KDD 2021 2
AMPPERE: A Universal Abstract Machine for Privacy-Preserving Entity Resolution Evaluation. CIKM 2021 2
Retrieving Complex Tables with Multi-Granular Graph Representation Learning. SIGIR 2021 19
A Graph-Based Approach for Inferring Semantic Descriptions of Wikipedia Tables. ISWC 2021 4
CSKG: The CommonSense Knowledge Graph. ESWC 2021 0
KGTK: A Toolkit for Large Knowledge Graph Manipulation and Analysis. ISWC 2020 41
SAGE: A Hybrid Geopolitical Event Forecasting System. IJCAI 2019 10
Coupled Clustering of Time-Series and Networks. SDM 2019 7
Tabular Cell Classification Using Pre-Trained Cell Embeddings. ICDM 2019 24
Expert-Guided Entity Extraction using Expressive Rules. SIGIR 2019 7
Constructing Domain-Specific Search Engines With No Programming. AAAI 2018 2
Structured Event Entity Resolution in Humanitarian Domains. ISWC 2018 1
An Investigative Search Engine for the Human Trafficking Domain. ISWC 2017 12
Lessons Learned in Building Linked Data for the American Art Collaborative. ISWC 2017 26
Information Extraction in Illicit Web Domains. WWW 2017 28
Neural Embeddings for Populated Geonames Locations. ISWC 2017 24
Semantic Labeling: A Domain-Independent Approach. ISWC 2016 83
Comparing Vocabulary Term Recommendations Using Association Rules and Learning to Rank: A User Study. ESWC 2016 2
Unsupervised Entity Resolution on Multi-type Graphs. ISWC 2016 46
Efficient Graph-Based Document Similarity. ESWC 2016 56
Leveraging Linked Data to Discover Semantic Relations Within Data Sources. ISWC 2016 21
Assigning Semantic Labels to Data Sources. ESWC 2015 73
Building and Using a Knowledge Graph to Combat Human Trafficking. ISWC 2015 0
Minimizing user effort in transforming data by example. IUI 2014 12
Connecting the Smithsonian American Art Museum to the Linked Data Cloud. ESWC 2013 93
A Graph-Based Approach to Learn Semantic Descriptions of Data Sources. ISWC 2013 32
Learning Transformation Rules by Examples. AAAI 2012 4
Semi-automatically Mapping Structured Sources into the Semantic Web. ESWC 2012 205
Interactive uncertainty analysis. IUI 2012 2
Rapidly Integrating Services into the Linked Data Cloud. ISWC 2012 64
Mind Your Metadata: Exploiting Semantics for Configuration, Adaptation, and Provenance in Scientific Workflows. ISWC 2011 30
Decision-support for real-time multi-agent coordination. AAMAS 2010 0
Multi-agent systems for the real world. AAMAS 2009 8
TENTACLES: Self-configuring robotic radio networks in unknown environments. IROS 2009 17
Predictability & criticality metrics for coordination in complex environments. AAMAS 2008 28
VizScript: on the creation of efficient visualizations for understanding complex multi-agent systems. IUI 2008 7
Interfaces for team coordination. IUI 2008 1
Building Mashups by example. IUI 2008 141
Criticality Metrics for Distributed Plan and Schedule Management. ICAPS 2008 9
Building data integration queries by demonstration. IUI 2007 40
Centralized, Distributed or Something Else? Making Timely Decisions in Multi-Agent Systems. AAAI 2007 4
VizScript: visualizing complex interactions in multi-agent systems. IUI 2007 6
CSC: Criticality-Sensitive Coordination. AAMAS 2006 2
WebScripter: Grass-Roots Ontology Alignment via End-User Report Creation. ISWC 2003 16
Web page adaptation for universal access. HCI 2001 10
Interfaces for understanding multi-agent behavior. IUI 2001 10
HandsOn: Dynamic Interface Presentations by Example. HCI 1999 4
Collapsible User Interfaces for Information Retrieval Agents. IUI 1999 0
Adaptive Forms: An Interaction Paradigm for Entering Structured Data. IUI 1998 27
Declarative Models of Presentation. IUI 1997 34
Automatic generation of help from interface design models. CHI 1994 30
Knowledgeable development environments using shared design models. IUI 1993 56
Facilitating the exploration of interface design alternatives: the HUMANOID model of interface design. CHI 1992 153
The importance of pointer variables in constraint models. UIST 1991 50
Template-based mapping of application data interactive displays. UIST 1990 46
Standardizing the interface between applications and UIM's. UIST 1989 15
Modular implementation of presentations. CHI 1987 0
Design alternatives for user interface management sytems based on experience with COUSIN. CHI 1985 134
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