Paul Lukowicz

57 publications

5 venues

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University of Kaiserslautern, Germany
DFKI, Kaiserslautern, Germany
University of Passau, Germany


Name Venue Year citations
Latent Inspector: An Interactive Tool for Probing Neural Network Behaviors Through Arbitrary Latent Activation. IJCAI 2023 0
Selecting the Motion Ground Truth for Loose-fitting Wearables: Benchmarking Optical MoCap Methods. ISWC 2023 0
Learning from the Best: Contrastive Representations Learning Across Sensor Locations for Wearable Activity Recognition. ISWC 2022 0
Non-contact, real-time eye blink detection with capacitive sensing. ISWC 2022 0
Brainwear: Towards Multi-modal Garment Integrated EEG. ISWC 2021 1
Masquare: A Functional Smart Mask Design for Health Monitoring. ISWC 2021 4
MoCapaci: Posture and gesture detection in loose garments using textile cables as capacitive antennas. ISWC 2021 4
A wearable magnetic field based proximity sensing system for monitoring COVID-19 social distancing. ISWC 2020 34
Snacap: snacking behavior monitoring with smart fabric mechanomyography on the temporalis. ISWC 2020 4
CoRSA: a cardio-respiratory monitor in sport activities. UbiComp 2019 3
Towards a wearable low-cost ultrasound device for classification of muscle activity and muscle fatigue. UbiComp 2019 9
LYRA: smart wearable in-flight service assistant. UbiComp 2018 2
Training CPR with a wearable real time feedback system. UbiComp 2018 3
WiCoSens: a wearable, intelligent color sensing platform for non-invasive storage shelf identification. ISWC 2017 1
Transforming sensor data to the image domain for deep learning - An application to footstep detection. IJCNN 2017 0
Smart soccer shoe: monitoring foot-ball interaction with shoe integrated textile pressure sensor matrix. ISWC 2016 47
A generic sensor fabric for multi-modal swallowing sensing in regular upper-body shirts. ISWC 2016 8
Wearable ambient sound display: embedding information in personal music. ISWC 2016 3
Glass-physics: using google glass to support high school physics experiments. ISWC 2015 23
Smart-watch life saver: smart-watch interactive-feedback system for improving bystander CPR. ISWC 2015 39
Monitoring household activities and user location with a cheap, unobtrusive thermal sensor array. UbiComp 2014 70
Hands-free gesture control with a capacitive textile neckband. ISWC 2014 20
Sensors vs. human: comparing sensor based state monitoring with questionnaire based self-assessment in bipolar disorder patients. ISWC 2014 3
Smart-mat: recognizing and counting gym exercises with low-cost resistive pressure sensing matrix. UbiComp 2014 81
Robust, low cost indoor positioning using magnetic resonant coupling. UbiComp 2012 46
What Can an Arm Holster Worn Smart Phone Do for Activity Recognition? ISWC 2011 52
Collaborative PDR Localisation with Mobile Phones. ISWC 2011 35
How Should a Wearable Rowing Trainer Look Like? A User Study. ISWC 2011 10
Can magnetic field sensors replace gyroscopes in wearable sensing applications? ISWC 2010 48
The benefit of activity recognition for mobile phone based nursing documentation: A Wizard-of-Oz study. ISWC 2010 17
Can a Mobile Phone in a Pocket Reliably Recognize Ambient Sounds? ISWC 2009 12
Which Way Am I Facing: Inferring Horizontal Device Orientation from an Accelerometer Signal. ISWC 2009 100
Dealing with sensor displacement in motion-based onbody activity recognition systems. UbiComp 2008 155
Adapting magnetic resonant coupling based relative positioning technology for wearable activitiy recogniton. ISWC 2008 50
Using a complex multi-modal on-body sensor system for activity spotting. ISWC 2008 45
Relative positioning technology. ISWC 2008 0
Symbolic Object Localization Through Active Sampling of Acceleration and Sound Signatures. UbiComp 2007 42
Using FSR based muscule activity monitoring to recognize manipulative arm gestures. ISWC 2007 53
Using acceleration signatures from everyday activities for on-body device location. ISWC 2007 46
Activity Recognition of Assembly Tasks Using Body-Worn Microphones and Accelerometers. TPAMI 2006 472
Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) for on-body Context Systems. ISWC 2006 5
Textile Pressure Sensor for Muscle Activity and Motion Detection. ISWC 2006 141
Combining Motion Sensors and Ultrasonic Hands Tracking for Continuous Activity Recognition in a Maintenance Scenario. ISWC 2006 111
Using Ultrasonic Hand Tracking to Augment Motion Analysis Based Recognition of Manipulative Gestures. ISWC 2005 62
Analysis of Chewing Sounds for Dietary Monitoring. UbiComp 2005 235
Power and Size Optimized Multi-Sensor Context Recognition Platform. ISWC 2005 24
Implementation and Evaluation of a Low-Power Sound-Based User Activity Recognition System. ISWC 2004 70
Sampling Frequency, Signal Resolution and the Accuracy of Wearable Context Recognition Systems. ISWC 2004 44
Continuous Recognition of Arm Activities With Body-Worn Inertial Sensors. ISWC 2004 34
SoundButton: Design of a Low Power Wearable Audio Classification System. ISWC 2003 59
Using Multiple Sensors for Mobile Sign Language Recognition. ISWC 2003 183
Kinetic Energy Powered Computing - an Experimental Feasibility Study. ISWC 2003 54
PadNET: Wearable Physical Activity Detection Network. ISWC 2003 41
WearNET: A Distributed Multi-sensor System for Context Aware Wearables. UbiComp 2002 127
Wearable Sensing to Annotate Meeting Recordings. ISWC 2002 124
AMON: A Wearable Medical Computer for High Risk Patients. ISWC 2002 114
The WearARM: Modular, High Performance, Low Power Computing Platform Designed for Integration into Everyday Clothing. ISWC 2001 10
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