Name Venue Year citations
The Wikibase Approach to the Enslaved.Org Hub Knowledge Graph. ISWC 2023 0
LD Connect: A Linked Data Portal for IOS Press Scientometrics. ESWC 2022 1
Expressibility of OWL Axioms with Patterns. ESWC 2021 6
GeoLink Cruises: A Non-Synthetic Benchmark for Co-Reference Resolution on Knowledge Graphs. CIKM 2020 1
Modular Graphical Ontology Engineering Evaluated. ESWC 2020 11
The Enslaved Dataset: A Real-world Complex Ontology Alignment Benchmark using Wikibase. CIKM 2020 9
CSSA'20: Workshop on Combining Symbolic and Sub-Symbolic Methods and their Applications. CIKM 2020 2
Efficient Concept Induction for Description Logics. AAAI 2019 0
A Complex Alignment Benchmark: GeoLink Dataset. ISWC 2018 23
Rule-Based OWL Modeling with ROWLTab Protégé Plugin. ESWC 2017 18
LinkGen: Multipurpose Linked Data Generator. ISWC 2016 9
A Practical Acyclicity Notion for Query Answering Over Horn- ISWC 2016 0
Distributed and Scalable OWL EL Reasoning. ESWC 2015 18
Towards Defeasible Mappings for Tractable Description Logics. ISWC 2015 1
The GeoLink Modular Oceanography Ontology. ISWC 2015 51
Pushing the Boundaries of Tractable Ontology Reasoning. ISWC 2014 13
Conference v2.0: An Uncertain Version of the OAEI Conference Benchmark. ISWC 2014 48
Logical Linked Data Compression. ESWC 2013 64
An Ontology Design Pattern for Cartographic Map Scaling. ESWC 2013 46
A Linked-Data-Driven and Semantically-Enabled Journal Portal for Scientometrics. ISWC 2013 49
String Similarity Metrics for Ontology Alignment. ISWC 2013 194
Reasoning with Fuzzy-EL+ Ontologies Using MapReduce. ECAI 2012 18
Reconciling OWL and Non-monotonic Rules for the Semantic Web. ECAI 2012 54
Extending Description Logic Rules. ESWC 2012 20
Moving beyond SameAs with PLATO: partonomy detection for linked data. HT 2012 25
Contextual Ontology Alignment of LOD with an Upper Ontology: A Case Study with Proton. ESWC 2011 94
Local closed world reasoning with description logics under the well-founded semantics. Artificial Intelligence 2011 131
A better uncle for OWL: nominal schemas for integrating rules and ontologies. WWW 2011 106
Local Closed World Semantics: Grounded Circumscription for OWL. ISWC 2011 60
Ontology Alignment for Linked Open Data. ISWC 2010 285
Concept learning in description logics using refinement operators. MLJ 2010 0
RaDON - Repair and Diagnosis in Ontology Networks. ESWC 2009 98
Terminological Reasoning in SHIQ with Ordered Binary Decision Diagrams. AAAI 2008 23
Cheap Boolean Role Constructors for Description Logics. JELIA 2008 61
A Coherent Well-founded Model for Hybrid MKNF Knowledge Bases. ECAI 2008 57
ELP: Tractable Rules for OWL 2. ISWC 2008 131
Description Logic Reasoning with Decision Diagrams: Compiling SHIQ to Disjunctive Datalog. ISWC 2008 18
Description Logic Rules. ECAI 2008 0
A Fully Connectionist Model Generator for Covered First-Order Logic Programs. IJCAI 2007 41
Algorithms for Paraconsistent Reasoning with OWL. ESWC 2007 96
Acquisition of OWL DL Axioms from Lexical Resources. ESWC 2007 110
Foundations of Refinement Operators for Description Logics. ILP 2007 59
Complexity Boundaries for Horn Description Logics. AAAI 2007 101
A Refinement Operator Based Learning Algorithm for the ILP 2007 0
A Metamodel and UML Profile for Rule-Extended OWL DL Ontologies. ESWC 2006 74
Resolution-Based Approximate Reasoning for OWL DL. ISWC 2005 71
A Resolution Theorem for Algebraic Domains. IJCAI 2003 2
A Characterization of Acceptability. ICLP 1999 0
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