Name Venue Year citations
Proximity-based Eating Event Detection in Smart Eyeglasses with Expert and Data Models. ISWC 2022 0
IMUAngle: Joint Angle Estimation with Inertial Sensors in Daily Activities. ISWC 2022 0
Audio-Based Onset Detection applied to Chewing Cycle Segmentation. ISWC 2021 1
Simulation of Garment-Embedded Contact Sensor Performance under Motion Dynamics. ISWC 2021 2
GastroDigitalShirt: a smart shirt for digestion acoustics monitoring. ISWC 2020 7
Sparse natural gesture spotting in free living to monitor drinking with wrist-worn inertial sensors. UbiComp 2018 19
Evaluation of 3D-printed conductive lines and EMG electrodes on smart eyeglasses frames. UbiComp 2018 2
Bite glasses: measuring chewing using emg and bone vibration in smart eyeglasses. ISWC 2016 23
A generic sensor fabric for multi-modal swallowing sensing in regular upper-body shirts. ISWC 2016 8
Estimating physical ability of stroke patients without specific tests. ISWC 2015 7
WISEglass: multi-purpose context-aware smart eyeglasses. ISWC 2015 9
How much light do you get?: estimating daily light exposure using smartphones. ISWC 2014 15
Hands-free gesture control with a capacitive textile neckband. ISWC 2014 20
Activity monitoring in daily life as an outcome measure for surgical pain relief intervention using smartphones. ISWC 2013 13
COPDTrainer: a smartphone-based motion rehabilitation training system with real-time acoustic feedback. UbiComp 2013 71
A benchmark dataset to evaluate sensor displacement in activity recognition. UbiComp 2012 125
Recognizing Daily Life Context Using Web-Collected Audio Data. ISWC 2012 24
Self-Taught Learning for Activity Spotting in On-body Motion Sensor Data. ISWC 2011 16
Wearable monitoring of stage fright in professional musicians. ISWC 2010 3
Wearable therapist: sensing garments for supporting children improve posture. UbiComp 2009 21
Psychophysiological Body Activation Characteristics in Daily Routines. ISWC 2009 3
Gesture-Controlled User Input to Complete Questionnaires on Wrist-Worn Watches. HCI 2009 15
Recognizing Upper Body Postures using Textile Strain Sensors. ISWC 2007 193
Detection of eating and drinking arm gestures using inertial body-worn sensors. ISWC 2005 190
Analysis of Chewing Sounds for Dietary Monitoring. UbiComp 2005 235
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