Olaf Beyersdorff

15 publications

3 venues

H Index 6


University of Jena, Germany
University of Leeds, School of Computing, UK


Name Venue Year citations
Lower Bounds for QCDCL via Formula Gauge. SAT 2021 0
QBFFam: A Tool for Generating QBF Families from Proof Complexity. SAT 2021 1
Strong (D)QBF Dependency Schemes via Tautology-Free Resolution Paths. SAT 2020 2
Proof Complexity of QBF Symmetry Recomputation. SAT 2019 3
Short Proofs in QBF Expansion. SAT 2019 0
Dynamic Dependency Awareness for QBF. IJCAI 2018 0
Shortening QBF Proofs with Dependency Schemes. SAT 2017 12
Lifting QBF Resolution Calculi to DQBF. SAT 2016 19
Dependency Schemes in QBF Calculi: Semantics and Soundness. CP 2016 18
Unified Characterisations of Resolution Hardness Measures. SAT 2014 21
The Complexity of Theorem Proving in Autoepistemic Logic. SAT 2013 6
Parameterized Complexity of DPLL Search Procedures. SAT 2011 36
Proof Complexity of Propositional Default Logic. SAT 2010 6
Does Advice Help to Prove Propositional Tautologies? SAT 2009 4
The Complexity of Reasoning for Fragments of Default Logic. SAT 2009 17
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