Ngoc Thang Vu

15 publications

5 venues

H Index 8


University of Stuttgart, Institute for Natural Language Processing, Germany
University of Munich, Center for Information and Language Processing, Germany


Name Venue Year citations
Few-shot Learning for Slot Tagging with Attentive Relational Network. EACL 2021 1
"It's our fault!": Insights Into Users' Understanding and Interaction With an Explanatory Collaborative Dialog System. CoNLL 2021 0
"It seemed like an annoying woman": On the Perception and Ethical Considerations of Affective Language in Text-Based Conversational Agents. CoNLL 2021 0
F1 is Not Enough! Models and Evaluation Towards User-Centered Explainable Question Answering. EMNLP 2020 6
Fine-tuning BERT for Low-Resource Natural Language Understanding via Active Learning. COLING 2020 7
Fast and Accurate Non-Projective Dependency Tree Linearization. ACL 2020 4
Interpreting Attention Models with Human Visual Attention in Machine Reading Comprehension. CoNLL 2020 12
ADVISER: A Dialog System Framework for Education & Research. ACL 2019 3
Comparing Attention-Based Convolutional and Recurrent Neural Networks: Success and Limitations in Machine Reading Comprehension. CoNLL 2018 23
Character Composition Model with Convolutional Neural Networks for Dependency Parsing on Morphologically Rich Languages. ACL 2017 18
Distinguishing Antonyms and Synonyms in a Pattern-based Neural Network. EACL 2017 43
Hierarchical Embeddings for Hypernymy Detection and Directionality. EMNLP 2017 86
Neural-based Noise Filtering from Word Embeddings. COLING 2016 12
Integrating Distributional Lexical Contrast into Word Embeddings for Antonym-Synonym Distinction. ACL 2016 118
Combination of Recurrent Neural Networks and Factored Language Models for Code-Switching Language Modeling. ACL 2013 64
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