Michael Katz 0001

36 publications

6 venues

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Saarland University, Department of Computer Science, Saarbrücken
IBM Watson Health, Haifa, Israel
IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY, USA


Name Venue Year Citations
Structural Patterns Beyond Forks: Extending the Complexity Boundaries of Classical Planning. AAAI 2012 16
Implicit Abstraction Heuristics. JAIR 2010 50
Enhanced Symmetry Breaking in Cost-Optimal Planning as Forward Search. ICAPS 2012 39
Structural Symmetries for Fully Observable Nondeterministic Planning. IJCAI 2016 2
When Optimal Is Just Not Good Enough: Learning Fast Informative Action Cost Partitionings. ICAPS 2011 8
Deep Learning for Cost-Optimal Planning: Task-Dependent Planner Selection. AAAI 2019 8
Theoretical Foundations for Structural Symmetries of Lifted PDDL Tasks. ICAPS 2019 2
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Integrating Partial Order Reduction and Symmetry Elimination for Cost-Optimal Classical Planning. IJCAI 2015 10
An AI Planning Solution to Scenario Generation for Enterprise Risk Management. AAAI 2018 9
Structural-Pattern Databases. ICAPS 2009 15
Factored Symmetries for Merge-and-Shrink Abstractions. AAAI 2015 14
When Abstractions Met Landmarks. ICAPS 2010 12
Optimal Additive Composition of Abstraction-based Admissible Heuristics. ICAPS 2008 49
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Oversubscription Planning as Classical Planning with Multiple Cost Functions. ICAPS 2019 2
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Stubborn Sets for Fully Observable Nondeterministic Planning. ICAPS 2017 3
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Adapting Novelty to Classical Planning as Heuristic Search. ICAPS 2017 12
Red-black planning: A new systematic approach to partial delete relaxation. Artificial Intelligence 2015 52
Answering Binary Causal Questions Through Large-Scale Text Mining: An Evaluation Using Cause-Effect Pairs from Human Experts. IJCAI 2019 2
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Semi-Black Box: Rapid Development of Planning Based Solutions. AAAI 2018 0
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