Name Venue Year citations
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Towards Plan Transformations for Real-World Mobile Fetch and Place. ICRA 2020 1
A Formal Model of Affordances for Flexible Robotic Task Execution. ECAI 2020 8
Learning Motion Parameterizations of Mobile Pick and Place Actions from Observing Humans in Virtual Environments. IROS 2020 3
RobotVQA - A Scene-Graph- and Deep-Learning-based Visual Question Answering System for Robot Manipulation. IROS 2020 0
Adapting Everyday Manipulation Skills to Varied Scenarios. ICRA 2019 16
Query-based integration of heterogeneous knowledge bases for search and rescue tasks. Robotics and Autonomous Systems 2019 3
Executing Underspecified Actions in Real World Based on Online Projection. IROS 2019 5
Dempster-Shafer theoretic resolution of referential ambiguity. Autonomous Robots 2019 12
Automated Models of Human Everyday Activity based on Game and Virtual Reality Technology. ICRA 2019 9
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Autonomous Parallelization of Resource-Aware Robotic Task Nodes. IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters 2019 2
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Variations on a Theme: "It's a Poor Sort of Memory that Only Works Backwards". IROS 2018 0
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Cognition-enabled Task Interpretation for Human-Robot Teams in a Simulation-based Search and Rescue Mission. AAMAS 2017 3
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Deeper Understanding of Vague Instructions through Simulated Execution. AAMAS 2017 4
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Task Parametrization through Multi-modal Analysis of Robot Experiences. AAMAS 2017 9
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Robots Reasoning with Cuts and Connections: Creating and Removing Entities (Extended Abstract). AAMAS 2016 0
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Knowledge-Enabled Robotic Agents for Shelf Replenishment in Cluttered Retail Environments: (Extended Abstract). AAMAS 2016 9
Learning models for constraint-based motion parameterization from interactive physics-based simulation. IROS 2016 19
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Robot action plans that form and maintain expectations. IROS 2015 10
Robotic agents capable of natural and safe physical interaction with human co-workers. IROS 2015 25
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Multi-robot 6D graph SLAM connecting decoupled local reference filters. IROS 2015 33
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Bootstrapping humanoid robot skills by extracting semantic representations of human-like activities from virtual reality. Humanoids 2014 18
PR2 looking at things - Ensemble learning for unstructured information processing with Markov logic networks. ICRA 2014 0
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Fast temporal projection using accurate physics-based geometric reasoning. ICRA 2013 34
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Learning probability distributions over partially-ordered human everyday activities. ICRA 2013 17
Constraint-based movement representation grounded in geometric features. Humanoids 2013 24
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The RoboEarth Language: Representing and Exchanging Knowledge about Actions, Objects, and Environments (Extended Abstract). IJCAI 2013 0
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Learning organizational principles in human environments. ICRA 2012 28
Robots that validate learned perceptual models. ICRA 2012 8
The RoboEarth language: Representing and exchanging knowledge about actions, objects, and environments. ICRA 2012 115
Learning and Reasoning with Action-Related Places for Robust Mobile Manipulation. JAIR 2012 43
Searching objects in large-scale indoor environments: A decision-theoretic approach. ICRA 2012 41
Real-time compression of point cloud streams. ICRA 2012 242
A generalized framework for opening doors and drawers in kitchen environments. ICRA 2012 62
Everything robots always wanted to know about housework (but were afraid to ask). IROS 2012 48
A unified representation for reasoning about robot actions, processes, and their effects on objects. IROS 2012 33
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Multimodal autonomous tool analyses and appropriate application. Humanoids 2011 8
Robotic roommates making pancakes. Humanoids 2011 226
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Parameterizing actions to have the appropriate effects. IROS 2011 56
Transparent object detection and reconstruction on a mobile platform. ICRA 2011 59
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Combined 2D-3D categorization and classification for multimodal perception systems. IJRR 2011 0
Editorial. IJRR 2011 0
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Prediction of action outcomes using an object model. IROS 2010 11
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Generality and legibility in mobile manipulation. Autonomous Robots 2010 50
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ORO, a knowledge management platform for cognitive architectures in robotics. IROS 2010 136
General 3D modelling of novel objects from a single view. IROS 2010 117
Becoming action-aware through reasoning about logged plan execution traces. IROS 2010 16
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Combining perception and knowledge processing for everyday manipulation. IROS 2010 52
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CRAM - A Cognitive Robot Abstract Machine for everyday manipulation in human environments. IROS 2010 0
Leaving Flatland: Toward real-time 3D navigation. ICRA 2009 50
Combining analysis, imitation, and experience-based learning to acquire a concept of reachability in robot mobile manipulation. Humanoids 2009 14
Close-range scene segmentation and reconstruction of 3D point cloud maps for mobile manipulation in domestic environments. IROS 2009 215
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Probabilistic categorization of kitchen objects in table settings with a composite sensor. IROS 2009 54
Robust Real-Time Multiple Target Tracking. ACCV 2009 5
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Action-related place-based mobile manipulation. IROS 2009 25
Model-based and learned semantic object labeling in 3D point cloud maps of kitchen environments. IROS 2009 151
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Using Physics- and Sensor-based Simulation for High-Fidelity Temporal Projection of Realistic Robot Behavior. ICAPS 2009 37
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Fast Point Feature Histograms (FPFH) for 3D registration. ICRA 2009 2309
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Aligning point cloud views using persistent feature histograms. IROS 2008 657
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Visually Tracking Football Games Based on TV Broadcasts. IJCAI 2007 50
Transformational Planning for Everyday Activity. ICAPS 2007 26
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Action awareness: enabling agents to optimize, transform, and coordinate plans. AAMAS 2006 9
Camera-based observation of football games for analyzing multi-agent activities. AAMAS 2006 55
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Probabilistic Hybrid Action Models for Predicting Concurrent Percept-driven Robot Behavior. JAIR 2005 0
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Designing probabilistic state estimators for autonomous robot control. IROS 2003 4
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Integrating active localization into high-level robot control systems. Robotics and Autonomous Systems 1998 33
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