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On Stance Detection in Image Retrieval for Argumentation. SIGIR 2023 0
The Information Retrieval Experiment Platform. SIGIR 2023 0
pybool_ir: A Toolkit for Domain-Specific Search Experiments. SIGIR 2023 0
The Archive Query Log: Mining Millions of Search Result Pages of Hundreds of Search Engines from 25 Years of Web Archives. SIGIR 2023 0
Smooth Operators for Effective Systematic Review Queries. SIGIR 2023 0
Shared Tasks as Tutorials: A Methodical Approach. AAAI 2023 0
Continuous Integration for Reproducible Shared Tasks with ECIR 2023 0
Bootstrapped nDCG Estimation in the Presence of Unjudged Documents. ECIR 2023 0
Overview of Touché 2023: Argument and Causal Retrieval - Extended Abstract. ECIR 2023 0
Overview of PAN 2023: Authorship Verification, Multi-author Writing Style Analysis, Profiling Cryptocurrency Influencers, and Trigger Detection - Extended Abstract. ECIR 2023 0
Dynamic Exploratory Search for the Information Retrieval Anthology. ECIR 2023 0
Modeling Appropriate Language in Argumentation. ACL 2023 0
Trigger Warning Assignment as a Multi-Label Document Classification Problem. ACL 2023 0
Paraphrase Acquisition from Image Captions. EACL 2023 0
Indicative Summarization of Long Discussions. EMNLP 2023 0
Mining Health-related Cause-Effect Statements with High Precision at Large Scale. COLING 2022 0
Overview of PAN 2022: Authorship Verification, Profiling Irony and Stereotype Spreaders, Style Change Detection, and Trigger Detection - Extended Abstract. ECIR 2022 27
Clickbait Spoiling via Question Answering and Passage Retrieval. ACL 2022 1
CausalQA: A Benchmark for Causal Question Answering. COLING 2022 1
The Power of Anchor Text in the Neural Retrieval Era. ECIR 2022 1
Overview of Touché 2022: Argument Retrieval - Extended Abstract. ECIR 2022 0
Identifying Queries in Instant Search Logs. SIGIR 2021 0
The Information Retrieval Anthology. SIGIR 2021 2
An Empirical Comparison of Web Page Segmentation Algorithms. ECIR 2021 4
Overview of PAN 2021: Authorship Verification, Profiling Hate Speech Spreaders on Twitter, and Style Change Detection - Extended Abstract. ECIR 2021 36
On Classifying whether Two Texts are on the Same Side of an Argument. EMNLP 2021 4
CopyCat: Near-Duplicates Within and Between the ClueWeb and the Common Crawl. SIGIR 2021 9
Overview of Touché 2021: Argument Retrieval - Extended Abstract. ECIR 2021 0
The Effect of Content-Equivalent Near-Duplicates on the Evaluation of Search Engines. ECIR 2020 15
Touché: First Shared Task on Argument Retrieval. ECIR 2020 10
Sampling Bias Due to Near-Duplicates in Learning to Rank. SIGIR 2020 12
Efficient Pairwise Annotation of Argument Quality. ACL 2020 15
Shared Tasks on Authorship Analysis at PAN 2020. ECIR 2020 15
Crawling and Preprocessing Mailing Lists At Scale for Dialog Analysis. ACL 2020 5
CauseNet: Towards a Causality Graph Extracted from the Web. CIKM 2020 24
Abstractive Snippet Generation. WWW 2020 17
Estimating Topic Difficulty Using Normalized Discounted Cumulated Gain. CIKM 2020 2
Web Page Segmentation Revisited: Evaluation Framework and Dataset. CIKM 2020 5
Target Inference in Argument Conclusion Generation. ACL 2020 19
The Impact of Negative Relevance Judgments on NDCG. CIKM 2020 6
News Editorials: Towards Summarizing Long Argumentative Texts. COLING 2020 5
A Search Engine for Police Press Releases to Double-Check the News. ECIR 2020 0
Debiasing Vandalism Detection Models at Wikidata. WWW 2019 13
Argument Search: Assessing Argument Relevance. SIGIR 2019 40
A Decade of Shared Tasks in Digital Text Forensics at PAN. ECIR 2019 25
Heuristic Authorship Obfuscation. ACL 2019 14
Bias Analysis and Mitigation in the Evaluation of Authorship Verification. ACL 2019 21
Celebrity Profiling. ACL 2019 28
Wikipedia Text Reuse: Within and Without. ECIR 2019 0
Elastic ChatNoir: Search Engine for the ClueWeb and the Common Crawl. ECIR 2018 37
Crowdsourcing a Large Corpus of Clickbait on Twitter. COLING 2018 66
A User Study on Snippet Generation: Text Reuse vs. Paraphrases. SIGIR 2018 8
A Stylometric Inquiry into Hyperpartisan and Fake News. ACL 2018 0
A Large-Scale Query Spelling Correction Corpus. SIGIR 2017 15
Source Retrieval for Web-Scale Text Reuse Detection. CIKM 2017 16
WSDM Cup 2017: Vandalism Detection and Triple Scoring. WSDM 2017 31
Clickbait Detection. ECIR 2016 169
Who Wrote the Web? Revisiting Influential Author Identification Research Applicable to Information Retrieval. ECIR 2016 53
Vandalism Detection in Wikidata. CIKM 2016 77
Towards Vandalism Detection in Knowledge Bases: Corpus Construction and Analysis. SIGIR 2015 29
Twitter Sentiment Detection via Ensemble Classification Using Averaged Confidence Scores. ECIR 2015 40
Improving Cloze Test Performance of Language Learners Using Web N-Grams. COLING 2014 3
Crowdsourcing Interaction Logs to Understand Text Reuse from the Web. ACL 2013 64
Towards optimum query segmentation: in doubt without. CIKM 2012 42
ChatNoir: a search engine for the ClueWeb09 corpus. SIGIR 2012 79
Query segmentation revisited. WWW 2011 79
Towards comment-based cross-media retrieval. WWW 2010 5
Netspeak - Assisting Writers in Choosing Words. ECIR 2010 12
The power of naive query segmentation. SIGIR 2010 29
Cross-Language High Similarity Search: Why No Sub-linear Time Bound Can Be Expected. ECIR 2010 5
Opinion Summarization of Web Comments. ECIR 2010 41
Crowdsourcing a wikipedia vandalism corpus. SIGIR 2010 73
Retrieving Customary Web Language to Assist Writers. ECIR 2010 26
Measuring the descriptiveness of web comments. SIGIR 2009 22
Automatic Vandalism Detection in Wikipedia. ECIR 2008 205
A Wikipedia-Based Multilingual Retrieval Model. ECIR 2008 241
Strategies for retrieving plagiarized documents. SIGIR 2007 131
Wikipedia in the pocket: indexing technology for near-duplicate detection and high similarity search. SIGIR 2007 11
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