Martin Gebser

37 publications

12 venues

H Index 24


University of Klagenfurt, Department of Applied Informatics, Austria
Graz University of Technology, Institute of Software Technology, Austria
Aalto University, Department of Computer Science, Espoo, Finland
University of Potsdam, Institute of Computer Science, Germany


Name Venue Year citations
Lifting Symmetry Breaking Constraints with Inductive Logic Programming. IJCAI 2021 0
Utilizing Constraint Optimization for Industrial Machine Workload Balancing. CP 2021 0
ASP-Based Time-Bounded Planning for Logistics Robots. ICAPS 2018 17
Evaluation Techniques and Systems for Answer Set Programming: a Survey. IJCAI 2018 44
The Sixth Answer Set Programming Competition. JAIR 2017 58
Knowledge-Based Sequence Mining with ASP. IJCAI 2016 21
From Non-Convex Aggregates to Monotone Aggregates in ASP. IJCAI 2016 4
Design and results of the Fifth Answer Set Programming Competition. Artificial Intelligence 2016 123
What's Hot in the Answer Set Programming Competition. AAAI 2016 34
Writing Declarative Specifications for Clauses. JELIA 2016 6
Improving the Normalization of Weight Rules in Answer Set Programs. JELIA 2014 30
SAT Modulo Graphs: Acyclicity. JELIA 2014 36
ASP Encodings of Acyclicity Properties. KR 2014 11
Answer Set Programming as SAT modulo Acyclicity. ECAI 2014 39
Advanced Conflict-Driven Disjunctive Answer Set Solving. IJCAI 2013 46
Domain-Specific Heuristics in Answer Set Programming. AAAI 2013 57
Stream Reasoning with Answer Set Programming: Preliminary Report. KR 2012 61
Conflict-driven answer set solving: From theory to practice. Artificial Intelligence 2012 346
Finite Model Computation via Answer Set Programming. IJCAI 2011 2
Coala: A Compiler from Action Languages to ASP. JELIA 2010 44
Repair and Prediction (under Inconsistency) in Large Biological Networks with Answer Set Programming. KR 2010 85
An Incremental Answer Set Programming Based System for Finite ModelComputation. JELIA 2010 9
Constraint Answer Set Solving. ICLP 2009 140
On the Implementation of Weight Constraint Rules in Conflict-Driven ASP Solvers. ICLP 2009 34
Solution Enumeration for Projected Boolean Search Problems. CPAIOR 2009 64
Conflict-Driven Disjunctive Answer Set Solving. KR 2008 94
Advanced Preprocessing for Answer Set Solving. ECAI 2008 30
A Meta-Programming Technique for Debugging Answer-Set Programs. AAAI 2008 95
Detecting Inconsistencies in Large Biological Networks with Answer Set Programming. ICLP 2008 72
Engineering an Incremental ASP Solver. ICLP 2008 143
Conflict-Driven Answer Set Solving. IJCAI 2007 394
Generic Tableaux for Answer Set Programming. ICLP 2007 11
Advanced Techniques for Answer Set Programming. ICLP 2007 0
What's a Head Without a Body? ECAI 2006 14
Tableau Calculi for Answer Set Programming. ICLP 2006 49
Elementary Sets of Logic Programs. AAAI 2006 20
The nomore++ Approach to Answer Set Solving. LPAR 2005 39
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