Name Venue Year citations
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An Evolution Strategy with Progressive Episode Lengths for Playing Games. IJCAI 2019 0
The algorithm selection competitions 2015 and 2017. Artificial Intelligence 2019 0
Pitfalls and Best Practices in Algorithm Configuration. JAIR 2019 0
Neural Networks for Predicting Algorithm Runtime Distributions. IJCAI 2018 2
Warmstarting of Model-Based Algorithm Configuration. AAAI 2018 0
Efficient benchmarking of algorithm configurators via model-based surrogates. MLJ 2018 0
Efficient Parameter Importance Analysis via Ablation with Surrogates. AAAI 2017 11
AutoFolio: An Automatically Configured Algorithm Selector (Extended Abstract). IJCAI 2017 1
Automatic construction of parallel portfolios via algorithm configuration. Artificial Intelligence 2017 7
The Configurable SAT Solver Challenge (CSSC). Artificial Intelligence 2017 0
SpyBug: Automated Bug Detection in the Configuration Space of SAT Solvers. SAT 2016 7
ASlib: A benchmark library for algorithm selection. Artificial Intelligence 2016 0
SpySMAC: Automated Configuration and Performance Analysis of SAT Solvers. SAT 2015 8
AutoFolio: An Automatically Configured Algorithm Selector. JAIR 2015 48
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