Name Venue Year citations
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A Conflict-Driven Interface Between Symbolic Planning and Nonlinear Constraint Solving. IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters 2022 2
db-A*: Discontinuity-bounded Search for Kinodynamic Mobile Robot Motion Planning. IROS 2022 0
Learning Robotic Manipulation of Natural Materials With Variable Properties for Construction Tasks. IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters 2022 1
ST-RRT*: Asymptotically-Optimal Bidirectional Motion Planning through Space-Time. ICRA 2022 5
Conflict-Directed Diverse Planning for Logic-Geometric Programming. ICAPS 2022 3
Path-Tree Optimization in Discrete Partially Observable Environments Using Rapidly-Exploring Belief-Space Graphs. IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters 2022 0
BITKOMO: Combining Sampling and Optimization for Fast Convergence in Optimal Motion Planning. IROS 2022 1
Learning Multi-Object Dynamics with Compositional Neural Radiance Fields. CoRL 2022 0
RHH-LGP: Receding Horizon And Heuristics-Based Logic-Geometric Programming For Task And Motion Planning. IROS 2022 0
FC IROS 2022 0
Deep Visual Constraints: Neural Implicit Models for Manipulation Planning From Visual Input. IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters 2022 0
MotionBenchMaker: A Tool to Generate and Benchmark Motion Planning Datasets. IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters 2022 0
Active Learning in Gaussian Process State Space Model. ECML/PKDD 2021 1
Plan-Based Relaxed Reward Shaping for Goal-Directed Tasks. ICLR 2021 2
Learning Models as Functionals of Signed-Distance Fields for Manipulation Planning. CoRL 2021 17
Co-Optimizing Robot, Environment, and Tool Design via Joint Manipulation Planning. ICRA 2021 3
Control-Tree Optimization: an approach to MPC under discrete Partial Observability. ICRA 2021 3
Learning Geometric Reasoning and Control for Long-Horizon Tasks from Visual Input. ICRA 2021 19
Learning to Arbitrate Human and Robot Control using Disagreement between Sub-Policies. IROS 2021 1
Learning to Execute: Efficient Learning of Universal Plan-Conditioned Policies in Robotics. NIPS/NeurIPS 2021 1
Deep 6-DoF Tracking of Unknown Objects for Reactive Grasping. ICRA 2021 4
Learning to solve sequential physical reasoning problems from a scene image. IJRR 2021 7
Structured deep generative models for sampling on constraint manifolds in sequential manipulation. CoRL 2021 10
Learning Efficient Constraint Graph Sampling for Robotic Sequential Manipulation. ICRA 2021 0
Sparse Multilevel Roadmaps for High-Dimensional Robotic Motion Planning. ICRA 2021 0
MoGaze: A Dataset of Full-Body Motions that Includes Workspace Geometry and Eye-Gaze. IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters 2021 0
Describing Physics For Physical Reasoning: Force-Based Sequential Manipulation Planning. IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters 2020 28
Self-Supervised Learning of Scene-Graph Representations for Robotic Sequential Manipulation Planning. CoRL 2020 6
A Probabilistic Framework for Constrained Manipulations and Task and Motion Planning under Uncertainty. ICRA 2020 12
Deep Visual Heuristics: Learning Feasibility of Mixed-Integer Programs for Manipulation Planning. ICRA 2020 30
Sample-Efficient Learning for Industrial Assembly using Qgraph-bounded DDPG. IROS 2020 5
Robust Task and Motion Planning for Long-Horizon Architectural Construction Planning. IROS 2020 22
Deep Visual Reasoning: Learning to Predict Action Sequences for Task and Motion Planning from an Initial Scene Image. RSS 2020 54
Prediction of Human Full-Body Movements with Motion Optimization and Recurrent Neural Networks. ICRA 2020 0
Motion Planning Explorer: Visualizing Local Minima Using a Local-Minima Tree. IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters 2020 0
Trajectory-Based Off-Policy Deep Reinforcement Learning. ICML 2019 1
Active Multi-Contact Continuous Tactile Exploration with Gaussian Process Differential Entropy. ICRA 2019 13
Combined Task and Motion Planning under Partial Observability: An Optimization-Based Approach. ICRA 2019 22
Active Inverse Model Learning with Error and Reachable Set Estimates. IROS 2019 5
An Optimal Algorithm to Solve the Combined Task Allocation and Path Finding Problem. IROS 2019 11
Planning Approximate Exploration Trajectories for Model-Free Reinforcement Learning in Contact-Rich Manipulation. IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters 2019 14
Rapidly-Exploring Quotient-Space Trees: Motion Planning Using Sequential Simplifications. ISRR 2019 14
Differentiable Physics and Stable Modes for Tool-Use and Manipulation Planning - Extended Abtract. IJCAI 2019 0
Learning manipulation skills from a single demonstration. IJRR 2018 29
Towards Combining Motion Optimization and Data Driven Dynamical Models for Human Motion Prediction. Humanoids 2018 11
Learning to Control Redundant Musculoskeletal Systems with Neural Networks and SQP: Exploiting Muscle Properties. ICRA 2018 15
Planning Ergonomic Sequences of Actions in Human-Robot Interaction. ICRA 2018 28
Bayesian Functional Optimization. AAAI 2018 11
Probabilistic Recurrent State-Space Models. ICML 2018 91
Differentiable Physics and Stable Modes for Tool-Use and Manipulation Planning. RSS 2018 233
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Sparse Gaussian process regression for compliant, real-time robot control. ICRA 2015 17
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Discovering temporally extended features for reinforcement learning in domains with delayed causalities. ESANN 2015 1
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Direct Loss Minimization Inverse Optimal Control. RSS 2015 43
Inverse KKT - Learning Cost Functions of Manipulation Tasks from Demonstrations. ISRR 2015 0
Model-Based Relational RL When Object Existence is Partially Observable. ICML 2014 7
Reactive phase and task space adaptation for robust motion execution. IROS 2014 12
Discovering relevant task spaces using inverse feedback control. Autonomous Robots 2014 0
Entropy-based strategies for physical exploration of the environment's degrees of freedom. IROS 2014 29
Dual execution of optimized contact interaction trajectories. IROS 2014 17
Topology-based representations for motion planning and generalization in dynamic environments with interactions. IJRR 2013 41
Fast motion planning from experience: trajectory prediction for speeding up movement generation. Autonomous Robots 2013 81
Optimizing motion primitives to make symbolic models more predictive. ICRA 2013 7
Caging complex objects with geodesic balls. IROS 2013 17
Active Learning for Teaching a Robot Grounded Relational Symbols. IJCAI 2013 88
On Stochastic Optimal Control and Reinforcement Learning by Approximate Inference (Extended Abstract). IJCAI 2013 17
Uncertainty aware grasping and tactile exploration. ICRA 2013 71
Path Integral Control by Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Space Embedding. IJCAI 2013 0
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Gaussian process implicit surfaces for shape estimation and grasping. ICRA 2011 149
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Learning discontinuities with products-of-sigmoids for switching between local models. ICML 2005 28
Learning a World Model and Planning with a Self-Organizing, Dynamic Neural System. NIPS/NeurIPS 2003 31
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