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Better Parameter-Free Anytime Search by Minimizing Time Between Solutions. SOCS 2012 19
Computing Perfect Heuristics in Polynomial Time: On Bisimulation and Merge-and-Shrink Abstraction in Optimal Planning. IJCAI 2011 52
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Message-Based Web Service Composition, Integrity Constraints, and Planning under Uncertainty: A New Connection. JAIR 2009 45
Preface. SOCS 2013 0
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Incremental LM-Cut. ICAPS 2013 10
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Value Compression of Pattern Databases. AAAI 2017 2
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New Optimization Functions for Potential Heuristics. ICAPS 2015 20
Landmarks Revisited. AAAI 2008 180
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A Normal Form for Classical Planning Tasks. ICAPS 2015 19
Lagrangian Decomposition for Optimal Cost Partitioning. ICAPS 2019 2
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Safe, Strong, and Tractable Relevance Analysis for Planning. ICAPS 2013 9
On Variable Dependencies and Compressed Pattern Databases. SOCS 2017 0
Landmarks, Critical Paths and Abstractions: What's the Difference Anyway? ICAPS 2009 301
Counterexample-Guided Abstraction Refinement for Pattern Selection in Optimal Classical Planning. ICAPS 2019 0
Sound and Complete Landmarks for And/Or Graphs. ECAI 2010 71
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Bounded Intention Planning Revisited. ECAI 2014 0
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On the Relative Expressiveness of ADL and Golog: The Last Piece in the Puzzle. KR 2008 12
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Optimal Solitaire Game Solutions Using A* Search and Deadlock Analysis. SOCS 2016 3
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High-Quality Policies for the Canadian Traveler's Problem. AAAI 2010 0
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