Lucy E. Dunne

32 publications

3 venues

H Index 13


Name Venue Year citations
Modeling and Evaluation of Soft Force Sensors using Recurrent and Feed-Forward Neural Networks and Exponential Methods to Compensate for Force Measurement Error in Curved Conditions. ISWC 2023 0
Solar Textiles for Off-grid Populations in Sub-Saharan Africa. ISWC 2022 0
Design of a Hybrid SMA-Pneumatic based Wearable Upper Limb Exoskeleton. ISWC 2021 3
User-Controlled Multi-Zone Jacket for Thermal Microclimate Regulation. ISWC 2021 0
A comparative feasibility analysis for sensing swelling with textile-based soft strain sensors. UbiComp 2019 6
Effects of the textile-sensor interface on stitched strain sensor performance. UbiComp 2019 6
Garment-based EMG system for intra-spacesuit biomechanics analysis. UbiComp 2018 4
Launderability of surface-insulated cut and sew E-textiles. UbiComp 2018 19
MAKE IT BLUE: a controllable, color-changing dynamic costume. UbiComp 2018 9
Surface-mount manufacturing for e-textile circuits. ISWC 2017 32
An analysis of anthropometric geometric variability of the lower leg for the fit & function of advanced functional garments. ISWC 2017 14
Garment-integrated wetness sensing for leak detection. ISWC 2017 10
Bi-metallic stitched e-textile sensors for sensing salinized liquids. ISWC 2017 5
Multi-modal wearable ambient display: an investigation of continuous glucose monitoring. ISWC 2016 2
A survey of the historical scope and current trends of wearable technology applications. ISWC 2016 64
An analysis of the variability of anatomical body references within ready-to-wear garment sizes. ISWC 2016 11
Surface-mount component attachment for e-textiles. ISWC 2015 30
Washability of e-textile stretch sensors and sensor insulation. ISWC 2014 12
Lower-limb goniometry using stitched sensors: effects of manufacturing and wear variables. ISWC 2014 14
Detecting bends and fabric folds using stitched sensors. ISWC 2013 33
An investigation of contents and use of the home wardrobe. UbiComp 2012 8
Garment Positioning and Drift in Garment-Integrated Wearable Sensing. ISWC 2012 14
Multi-layer e-textile circuits. UbiComp 2012 19
A Method of Measuring Garment Movement for Wearable Sensing. ISWC 2011 11
A Coarse Desktop Method for Evaluating Transmission of Vibration through Textile Layers. ISWC 2009 2
Wearability in wearable computers. ISWC 2008 7
A Comparative Evaluation of Bend Sensors for Wearable Applications. ISWC 2007 8
Psychophysical elements of wearability. CHI 2007 61
Evaluating the Impact of Garment Structure on Wearable Sensor Performance. ISWC 2007 4
Design and Evaluation of a Wearable Optical Sensor for Monitoring Seated Spinal Posture. ISWC 2006 85
Garment-Based Monitoring of Respiration Rate Using a Foam Pressure Sensor. ISWC 2005 33
A Shoulder Pad Insert Vibrotactile Display. ISWC 2003 76
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