Name Venue Year citations
Improving Deep Learning for HAR with Shallow LSTMs. ISWC 2021 12
IBSync: Intra-body Synchronization of Wearable Devices Using Artificial ECG Landmarks. ISWC 2021 3
Digging deeper: towards a better understanding of transfer learning for human activity recognition. ISWC 2020 10
Multi-target affect detection in the wild: an exploratory study. UbiComp 2019 25
On the statistical properties of body-worn inertial motion sensor data for identifying sensor modality. ISWC 2017 2
Combining capacitive coupling with conductive clothes: towards resource-efficient wearable communication. ISWC 2017 9
Wearables in the wet lab: a laboratory system for capturing and guiding experiments. UbiComp 2015 29
Detecting leisure activities with dense motif discovery. UbiComp 2012 70
Characterizing sleeping trends from postures. ISWC 2010 4
Message from technical program co-chairs. ISWC 2010 0
When Else Did This Happen? Efficient Subsequence Representation and Matching for Wearable Activity Data. ISWC 2009 15
Sustained logging and discrimination of sleep postures with low-level, wrist-worn sensors. ISWC 2008 27
Exploring semi-supervised and active learning for activity recognition. ISWC 2008 203
Using rhythm awareness in long-term activity recognition. ISWC 2008 67
Spine versus Porcupine: A Study in Distributed Wearable Activity Recognition. ISWC 2004 116
Context Acquisition Based on Load Sensing. UbiComp 2002 144
Pin&Play: Networking Objects through Pins. UbiComp 2002 58
Multi-Sensor Context Aware Clothing. ISWC 2002 118
Combining the Self-Organizing Map and K-Means Clustering for On-Line Classification of Sensor Data. ICANN 2001 85
Real-time Analysis of Data from Many Sensors with Neural Networks. ISWC 2001 86
What Shall We Teach Our Pants? ISWC 2000 279
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