Name Venue Year citations
Input Interface with Touch and Non-touch Interactions using Atmospheric Pressure for Hearable Devices. ISWC 2023 0
User Authentication Method for Wearable Ring Devices using Active Acoustic Sensing. ISWC 2023 0
A Finger Sleeve with Fabricated Electrodes that Generates Multi-touch Interactions on Touch Screen. ISWC 2022 0
Silent Speech Eyewear Interface: Silent Speech Recognition Method using Eyewear with Infrared Distance Sensors. ISWC 2022 0
Mindless Load Changer: A Method for Manipulating Load Perception by Feedback of Myoelectricity Sensor Information. ISWC 2021 6
disp2ppg: Pulse Wave Generation to PPG Sensor using Display. ISWC 2021 3
A Method to Manipulate Subjective Time by using Tactile Stimuli of Wearable Device. ISWC 2021 6
Person-identification Methodusing Active Acoustic Sensing Applied to Nose. ISWC 2021 2
Estimating Upper Arm sEMG from Wrist PPG. ISWC 2021 0
Estimating load positions of wearable devices based on difference in pulse wave arrival time. UbiComp 2019 3
A system for determining which player touches a card first using a wrist-worn sensor in competitive karuta. ISWC 2016 0
Evaluating Effect of Concreteness in Instructions for Gesture Recognition. ISWC 2011 0
HASC2011corpus: towards the common ground of human activity recognition. UbiComp 2011 31
Evaluating Gesture Recognition by Multiple-Sensor-Containing Mobile Devices. ISWC 2011 14
A method for energy saving on context-aware system by sampling control and data complement. ISWC 2010 5
A motion recognition method by constancy-decision. ISWC 2010 18
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