Josef Van Genabith

41 publications

8 venues

H Index 18


German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), Germany
Saarland University, Germany


Name Venue Year citations
Investigating the Helpfulness of Word-Level Quality Estimation for Post-Editing Machine Translation Output. EMNLP 2021 2
Comparing Feature-Engineering and Feature-Learning Approaches for Multilingual Translationese Classification. EMNLP 2021 0
Efficient Context-Aware Neural Machine Translation with Layer-Wise Weighting and Input-Aware Gating. IJCAI 2020 6
MMPE: A Multi-Modal Interface for Post-Editing Machine Translation. ACL 2020 8
Dynamically Adjusting Transformer Batch Size by Monitoring Gradient Direction Change. ACL 2020 6
Understanding Translationese in Multi-view Embedding Spaces. COLING 2020 5
Learning Source Phrase Representations for Neural Machine Translation. ACL 2020 3
The Transference Architecture for Automatic Post-Editing. COLING 2020 0
Self-Induced Curriculum Learning in Self-Supervised Neural Machine Translation. EMNLP 2020 8
Lipschitz Constrained Parameter Initialization for Deep Transformers. ACL 2020 16
Translation Quality Estimation by Jointly Learning to Score and Rank. EMNLP 2020 1
Self-Supervised Neural Machine Translation. ACL 2019 19
Multi-Modal Approaches for Post-Editing Machine Translation. CHI 2019 11
An Extensive Empirical Evaluation of Character-Based Morphological Tagging for 14 Languages. EACL 2017 37
Neural Automatic Post-Editing Using Prior Alignment and Reranking. EACL 2017 21
Multi-Engine and Multi-Alignment Based Automatic Post-Editing and its Impact on Translation Productivity. COLING 2016 8
A Neural Network based Approach to Automatic Post-Editing. ACL 2016 38
Modeling Diachronic Change in Scientific Writing with Information Density. COLING 2016 3
ReVal: A Simple and Effective Machine Translation Evaluation Metric Based on Recurrent Neural Networks. EMNLP 2015 50
Active Learning for Post-Editing Based Incrementally Retrained MT. EACL 2014 6
Head-Driven Hierarchical Phrase-based Translation. ACL 2012 15
The Floating Arabic Dictionary: An Automatic Method for Updating a Lexical Database through the Detection and Lemmatization of Unknown Words. COLING 2012 17
Identifying High-Impact Sub-Structures for Convolution Kernels in Document-level Sentiment Classification. ACL 2012 24
An Evaluation of Statistical Post-Editing Systems Applied to RBMT and SMT Systems. COLING 2012 15
Translation Quality-Based Supplementary Data Selection by Incremental Update of Translation Models. COLING 2012 12
Simple and Effective Parameter Tuning for Domain Adaptation of Statistical Machine Translation. COLING 2012 21
Consistent Translation using Discriminative Learning - A Translation Memory-inspired Approach. ACL 2011 47
From News to Comment: Resources and Benchmarks for Parsing the Language of Web 2.0. IJCNLP 2011 82
Hard Constraints for Grammatical Function Labelling. ACL 2010 9
Bridging SMT and TM with Translation Recommendation. ACL 2010 97
Adapting a WSJ-Trained Parser to Grammatically Noisy Text. ACL 2008 38
Dependency-Based N-Gram Models for General Purpose Sentence Realisation. COLING 2008 40
QuestionBank: Creating a Corpus of Parse-Annotated Questions. ACL 2006 106
Using Machine-Learning to Assign Function Labels to Parser Output for Spanish. ACL 2006 16
Robust PCFG-Based Generation Using Automatically Acquired LFG Approximations. ACL 2006 63
Dynamically structuring, updating and interrelating representations of visual and linguistic discourse context. Artificial Intelligence 2005 59
Large-Scale Induction and Evaluation of Lexical Resources from the Penn-II Treebank. ACL 2004 32
Long-Distance Dependency Resolution in Automatically Acquired Wide-Coverage PCFG-Based LFG Approximations. ACL 2004 143
On Interpreting F-Structures as UDRSs. ACL 1997 0
Direct and Underspecified Interpretations of LFG f-structures. COLING 1996 32
Experiments in Reusability of Grammatical Resources. EACL 1993 6
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