Josef Ruppenhofer

12 publications

5 venues

H Index 6


Leibniz-Institute for the German Language, Mannheim, Germany
University of Hildesheim, Germany


Name Venue Year citations
Euphemistic Abuse - A New Dataset and Classification Experiments for Implicitly Abusive Language. EMNLP 2023 0
Exploiting Emojis for Abusive Language Detection. EACL 2021 7
Implicitly Abusive Comparisons - A New Dataset and Linguistic Analysis. EACL 2021 0
Automatically Creating a Lexicon of Verbal Polarity Shifters: Mono- and Cross-lingual Methods for German. COLING 2018 4
Distinguishing affixoid formations from compounds. COLING 2018 3
Sprucing up the trees - Error detection in treebanks. COLING 2018 0
Detecting annotation noise in automatically labelled data. ACL 2017 24
Opinion Holder and Target Extraction based on the Induction of Verbal Categories. CoNLL 2015 12
Comparing methods for deriving intensity scores for adjectives. EACL 2014 20
Evaluating the Impact of Coder Errors on Active Learning. ACL 2011 4
Bringing Active Learning to Life. COLING 2010 8
Discourse Level Opinion Interpretation. COLING 2008 84
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