Josef Ruppenhofer

11 publications

4 venues

H Index 5


Leibniz-Institute for the German Language, Mannheim, Germany
University of Hildesheim, Germany


Name Venue Year citations
Exploiting Emojis for Abusive Language Detection. EACL 2021 4
Implicitly Abusive Comparisons - A New Dataset and Linguistic Analysis. EACL 2021 0
Automatically Creating a Lexicon of Verbal Polarity Shifters: Mono- and Cross-lingual Methods for German. COLING 2018 4
Distinguishing affixoid formations from compounds. COLING 2018 3
Sprucing up the trees - Error detection in treebanks. COLING 2018 0
Detecting annotation noise in automatically labelled data. ACL 2017 20
Opinion Holder and Target Extraction based on the Induction of Verbal Categories. CoNLL 2015 8
Comparing methods for deriving intensity scores for adjectives. EACL 2014 20
Evaluating the Impact of Coder Errors on Active Learning. ACL 2011 2
Bringing Active Learning to Life. COLING 2010 6
Discourse Level Opinion Interpretation. COLING 2008 84
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