Jonas Kuhn

30 publications

7 venues

H Index 12


University of Stuttgart, Germany


Name Venue Year citations
ContextGen: Targeted Data Generation for Low Resource Domain Specific Text Classification. AISTATS 2022 0
Negation-Instance Based Evaluation of End-to-End Negation Resolution. CoNLL 2021 0
Real-Valued Logics for Typological Universals: Framework and Application. COLING 2020 2
Fast and Accurate Non-Projective Dependency Tree Linearization. ACL 2020 4
An Environment for Relational Annotation of Political Debates. ACL 2019 7
Who Sides with Whom? Towards Computational Construction of Discourse Networks for Political Debates. ACL 2019 18
The (Non-)Utility of Structural Features in BiLSTM-based Dependency Parsers. ACL 2019 17
Bridging resolution: Task definition, corpus resources and rule-based experiments. COLING 2018 20
Multi-modular domain-tailored OCR post-correction. EMNLP 2017 24
Learning Semantic Correspondences in Technical Documentation. ACL 2017 7
Named Entity Disambiguation for little known referents: a topic-based approach. COLING 2016 2
How to Train Dependency Parsers with Inexact Search for Joint Sentence Boundary Detection and Parsing of Entire Documents. ACL 2016 8
A Graphical Interface for Automatic Error Mining in Corpora. EACL 2014 7
Learning Structured Perceptrons for Coreference Resolution with Latent Antecedents and Non-local Features. ACL 2014 114
Detection of Product Comparisons - How Far Does an Out-of-the-Box Semantic Role Labeling System Take You? EMNLP 2013 28
The Effects of Syntactic Features in Automatic Prediction of Morphology. EMNLP 2013 4
Combining Referring Expression Generation and Surface Realization: A Corpus-Based Investigation of Architectures. ACL 2013 14
To what extent does sentence-internal realisation reflect discourse context? A study on word order. EACL 2012 5
The Best of BothWorlds - A Graph-based Completion Model for Transition-based Parsers. EACL 2012 0
Underspecifying and Predicting Voice for Surface Realisation Ranking. ACL 2011 8
Hard Constraints for Grammatical Function Labelling. ACL 2010 9
Data-Driven Dependency Parsing of New Languages Using Incomplete and Noisy Training Data. CoNLL 2009 42
Exploring the Potential of Intractable Parsers. ACL 2006 0
Correspondence-guided Synchronous Parsing of Parallel Corpora. IJCAI 2005 0
Experiments in parallel-text based grammar induction. ACL 2004 67
Compounding and Derivational Morphology in a Finite-State Setting. ACL 2003 0
OT Syntax - Decidability of Generation-based Optimization. ACL 2002 5
Lexicalized Stochastic Modeling of Constraint-Based Grammars using Log-Linear Measures and EM Training. ACL 2000 91
Processing Optimality-theoretic Syntax by Interleaved Chart Parsing and Generation. ACL 2000 16
An Underspecified HPSG Representation for Information Structure. COLING 1996 16
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