Name Venue Year citations
Efficient learning of large sets of locally optimal classification rules. MLJ 2023 0
A flexible class of dependence-aware multi-label loss functions. MLJ 2022 0
Gradient-Based Label Binning in Multi-label Classification. ECML/PKDD 2021 0
A review of possible effects of cognitive biases on interpretation of rule-based machine learning models. Artificial Intelligence 2021 0
Learning Gradient Boosted Multi-label Classification Rules. ECML/PKDD 2020 0
Permutation Learning via Lehmer Codes. ECAI 2020 0
On cognitive preferences and the plausibility of rule-based models. MLJ 2020 0
Learning Context-dependent Label Permutations for Multi-label Classification. ICML 2019 0
Mending is Better than Ending: Adapting Immutable Classifiers to Nonstationary Environments using Ensembles of Patches. IJCNN 2019 0
Patching Deep Neural Networks for Nonstationary Environments. IJCNN 2019 0
Deep Ordinal Reinforcement Learning. ECML/PKDD 2019 0
Beta Distribution Drift Detection for Adaptive Classifiers. ESANN 2019 0
Learning Analogy-Preserving Sentence Embeddings for Answer Selection. CoNLL 2019 0
Exploiting Anti-monotonicity of Multi-label Evaluation Measures for Inducing Multi-label Rules. PAKDD 2018 2
Batchwise Patching of Classifiers. AAAI 2018 3
A Survey of Preference-Based Reinforcement Learning Methods. JMLR 2017 29
Maximizing Subset Accuracy with Recurrent Neural Networks in Multi-label Classification. NIPS/NeurIPS 2017 33
Model-Free Preference-Based Reinforcement Learning. AAAI 2016 33
Beyond Centrality and Structural Features: Learning Information Importance for Text Summarization. CoNLL 2016 7
All-in Text: Learning Document, Label, and Word Representations Jointly. AAAI 2016 11
Using semantic similarity for multi-label zero-shot classification of text documents. ESANN 2016 5
What Makes Word-level Neural Machine Translation Hard: A Case Study on English-German Translation. COLING 2016 2
Sequential Clustering and Contextual Importance Measures for Incremental Update Summarization. COLING 2016 3
Predicting Unseen Labels Using Label Hierarchies in Large-Scale Multi-label Learning. ECML/PKDD 2015 8
Editorial. DMKD 2015 0
Separating Rule Refinement and Rule Selection Heuristics in Inductive Rule Learning. ECML/PKDD 2014 10
Graded Multilabel Classification by Pairwise Comparisons. ICDM 2014 3
Large-Scale Multi-label Text Classification - Revisiting Neural Networks. ECML/PKDD 2014 0
Efficient implementation of class-based decomposition schemes for Naïve Bayes. MLJ 2014 0
EPMC: Every Visit Preference Monte Carlo for Reinforcement Learning. ACML 2013 8
Editorial: Preference learning and ranking. MLJ 2013 2
Preference-based reinforcement learning: a formal framework and a policy iteration algorithm. MLJ 2012 60
Efficient prediction algorithms for binary decomposition techniques. DMKD 2012 0
Heuristic Rule-Based Regression via Dynamic Reduction to Classification. IJCAI 2011 12
Preference-Based Policy Iteration: Leveraging Preference Learning for Reinforcement Learning. ECML/PKDD 2011 24
Guest Editorial: Global modeling using local patterns. DMKD 2010 8
On the quest for optimal rule learning heuristics. MLJ 2010 0
Efficient voting prediction for pairwise multilabel classification. ESANN 2009 45
Binary Decomposition Methods for Multipartite Ranking. ECML/PKDD 2009 42
Efficient Decoding of Ternary Error-Correcting Output Codes for Multiclass Classification. ECML/PKDD 2009 8
A Re-evaluation of the Over-Searching Phenomenon in Inductive Rule Learning. SDM 2009 0
Multilabel classification via calibrated label ranking. MLJ 2008 362
Label ranking by learning pairwise preferences. Artificial Intelligence 2008 307
Pairwise learning of multilabel classifications with perceptrons. IJCNN 2008 45
Efficient Pairwise Multilabel Classification for Large-Scale Problems in the Legal Domain. ECML/PKDD 2008 62
On Minimizing the Position Error in Label Ranking. ECML/PKDD 2007 10
On Meta-Learning Rule Learning Heuristics. ICDM 2007 10
Efficient Pairwise Classification. ECML/PKDD 2007 64
On Pairwise Naive Bayes Classifiers. ECML/PKDD 2007 14
Machine learning and games. MLJ 2006 19
A Unified Model for Multilabel Classification and Ranking. ECAI 2006 65
ROC 'n' Rule Learning - Towards a Better Understanding of Covering Algorithms. MLJ 2005 0
An Analysis of Stopping and Filtering Criteria for Rule Learning. ECML/PKDD 2004 9
Pairwise Preference Learning and Ranking. ECML/PKDD 2003 137
An Analysis of Rule Evaluation Metrics. ICML 2003 63
Round Robin Classification. JMLR 2002 258
Pairwise Classification as an Ensemble Technique. ECML/PKDD 2002 32
Detecting Temporal Change in Event Sequences: An Application to Demographic Data. ECML/PKDD 2001 18
Round Robin Rule Learning. ICML 2001 49
Learning to Use Operational Advice. ECAI 2000 3
Integrative Windowing. JAIR 1998 29
Pruning Algorithms for Rule Learning. MLJ 1997 73
Noise-Tolerant Windowing. IJCAI 1997 3
Digging for Peace: Using Machine Learning Methods for Assessing International Conflict Databases. ECAI 1996 5
A Tight Integration of Pruning and Learning (Extended Abstract). ECML/PKDD 1995 0
FOSSIL: A Robust Relational Learner. ECML/PKDD 1994 18
Top-Down Pruning in Relational Learning. ECAI 1994 9
Incremental Reduced Error Pruning. ICML 1994 267
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