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Amazon Alexa AI, Dresden, Germany
TU Dresden, Center for Scalable Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (ScaDS.AI)Germany
University of Bonn, Institute for Computer Science, Germany
Fraunhofer Institute for Intelligent Analysis and Information Systems (IAIS), Sankt Augustin, Germany
University of Oxford, DIADEM, UK
Leipzig University, Department of Computer Science, Germany


Name Venue Year citations
Integrating Knowledge Graph Embeddings and Pre-trained Language Models in Hypercomplex Spaces. ISWC 2023 0
Distinct Geometrical Representations for Temporal and Relational Structures in Knowledge Graphs. ECML/PKDD 2023 0
Retention is All You Need. CIKM 2023 0
Direct Fact Retrieval from Knowledge Graphs without Entity Linking. ACL 2023 0
Language Models as Controlled Natural Language Semantic Parsers for Knowledge Graph Question Answering. ECAI 2023 0
LogicENN: A Neural Based Knowledge Graphs Embedding Model With Logical Rules. TPAMI 2023 0
Climate Bot: A Machine Reading Comprehension System for Climate Change Question Answering. IJCAI 2022 0
Dihedron Algebraic Embeddings for Spatio-Temporal Knowledge Graph Completion. ESWC 2022 0
Time-aware Entity Alignment using Temporal Relational Attention. WWW 2022 4
RoMe: A Robust Metric for Evaluating Natural Language Generation. ACL 2022 6
Contrastive Representation Learning for Conversational Question Answering over Knowledge Graphs. CIKM 2022 0
Improving Inductive Link Prediction Using Hyper-Relational Facts (Extended Abstract). IJCAI 2022 0
Bringing Light Into the Dark: A Large-Scale Evaluation of Knowledge Graph Embedding Models Under a Unified Framework. TPAMI 2022 0
CHOLAN: A Modular Approach for Neural Entity Linking on Wikipedia and Wikidata. EACL 2021 20
Knowledge Graph Representation Learning using Ordinary Differential Equations. EMNLP 2021 1
Multiple Run Ensemble Learning with Low-Dimensional Knowledge Graph Embeddings. IJCNN 2021 1
A Simulated Annealing Meta-heuristic for Concept Learning in Description Logics. ILP 2021 1
Pattern-Aware and Noise-Resilient Embedding Models. ECIR 2021 2
Grounding Dialogue Systems via Knowledge Graph Aware Decoding with Pre-trained Transformers. ESWC 2021 4
VOGUE: Answer Verbalization Through Multi-Task Learning. ECML/PKDD 2021 5
Proxy Indicators for the Quality of Open-domain Dialogues. EMNLP 2021 0
GeoWINE: Geolocation based Wiki, Image, News and Event Retrieval. SIGIR 2021 4
DistRDF2ML - Scalable Distributed In-Memory Machine Learning Pipelines for RDF Knowledge Graphs. CIKM 2021 4
Improving Inductive Link Prediction Using Hyper-relational Facts. ISWC 2021 10
Embedding Knowledge Graphs Attentive to Positional and Centrality Qualities. ECML/PKDD 2021 4
Context Transformer with Stacked Pointer Networks for Conversational Question Answering over Knowledge Graphs. ESWC 2021 14
Conversational Question Answering over Knowledge Graphs with Transformer and Graph Attention Networks. EACL 2021 25
ParaQA: A Question Answering Dataset with Paraphrase Responses for Single-Turn Conversation. ESWC 2021 9
Loss-Aware Pattern Inference: A Correction on the Wrongly Claimed Limitations of Embedding Models. PAKDD 2021 2
5* Knowledge Graph Embeddings with Projective Transformations. AAAI 2021 0
Time-aware Graph Neural Network for Entity Alignment between Temporal Knowledge Graphs. EMNLP 2021 0
PyKEEN 1.0: A Python Library for Training and Evaluating Knowledge Graph Embeddings. JMLR 2021 0
Evaluating the Impact of Knowledge Graph Context on Entity Disambiguation Models. CIKM 2020 43
Message Passing for Hyper-Relational Knowledge Graphs. EMNLP 2020 42
Language Model Transformers as Evaluators for Open-domain Dialogues. COLING 2020 5
MLM: A Benchmark Dataset for Multitask Learning with Multiple Languages and Modalities. CIKM 2020 8
VQuAnDa: Verbalization QUestion ANswering DAtaset. ESWC 2020 17
PNEL: Pointer Network Based End-To-End Entity Linking over Knowledge Graphs. ISWC 2020 6
TeRo: A Time-aware Knowledge Graph Embedding via Temporal Rotation. COLING 2020 40
Embedding-Based Recommendations on Scholarly Knowledge Graphs. ESWC 2020 21
CASQAD - A New Dataset for Context-Aware Spatial Question Answering. ISWC 2020 1
Knowledge Graph Embeddings in Geometric Algebras. COLING 2020 9
Fantastic Knowledge Graph Embeddings and How to Find the Right Space for Them. ISWC 2020 7
Let the Margin SlidE IJCNN 2020 0
Temporal Knowledge Graph Completion Based on Time Series Gaussian Embedding. ISWC 2020 0
Distantly Supervised Question Parsing. ECAI 2020 0
MDE: Multiple Distance Embeddings for Link Prediction in Knowledge Graphs. ECAI 2020 0
Using a KG-Copy Network for Non-goal Oriented Dialogues. ISWC 2019 8
Incorporating Joint Embeddings into Goal-Oriented Dialogues with Multi-task Learning. ESWC 2019 6
Pretrained Transformers for Simple Question Answering over Knowledge Graphs. ISWC 2019 38
Squerall: Virtual Ontology-Based Access to Heterogeneous and Large Data Sources. ISWC 2019 24
A Scalable Framework for Quality Assessment of RDF Datasets. ISWC 2019 12
Sparklify: A Scalable Software Component for Efficient Evaluation of SPARQL Queries over Distributed RDF Datasets. ISWC 2019 17
LC-QuAD 2.0: A Large Dataset for Complex Question Answering over Wikidata and DBpedia. ISWC 2019 122
The KEEN Universe - An Ecosystem for Knowledge Graph Embeddings with a Focus on Reproducibility and Transferability. ISWC 2019 16
QaldGen: Towards Microbenchmarking of Question Answering Systems over Knowledge Graphs. ISWC 2019 12
DBpedia FlexiFusion the Best of Wikipedia > Wikidata > Your Data. ISWC 2019 18
Incorporating Literals into Knowledge Graph Embeddings. ISWC 2019 0
Learning to Rank Query Graphs for Complex Question Answering over Knowledge Graphs. ISWC 2019 0
Formal Query Generation for Question Answering over Knowledge Bases. ESWC 2018 42
EARL: Joint Entity and Relation Linking for Question Answering over Knowledge Graphs. ISWC 2018 94
Improving Response Selection in Multi-Turn Dialogue Systems by Incorporating Domain Knowledge. CoNLL 2018 25
Why Reinvent the Wheel: Let's Build Question Answering Systems Together. WWW 2018 80
DistLODStats: Distributed Computation of RDF Dataset Statistics. ISWC 2018 11
Deep Query Ranking for Question Answering over Knowledge Bases. ECML/PKDD 2018 1
LC-QuAD: A Corpus for Complex Question Answering over Knowledge Graphs. ISWC 2017 183
Wombat - A Generalization Approach for Automatic Link Discovery. ESWC 2017 47
Neural Network-based Question Answering over Knowledge Graphs on Word and Character Level. WWW 2017 229
Iguana: A Generic Framework for Benchmarking the Read-Write Performance of Triple Stores. ISWC 2017 27
Distributed Semantic Analytics Using the SANSA Stack. ISWC 2017 77
Sustainable Linked Data Generation: The Case of DBpedia. ISWC 2017 10
AskNow: A Framework for Natural Language Query Formalization in SPARQL. ESWC 2016 73
Semantically Enhanced Quality Assurance in the JURION Business Use Case. ESWC 2016 10
CubeQA - Question Answering on RDF Data Cubes. ISWC 2016 25
LODStats: The Data Web Census Dataset. ISWC 2016 44
Towards SPARQL-Based Induction for Large-Scale RDF Data Sets. ECAI 2016 6
Automating RDF Dataset Transformation and Enrichment. ESWC 2015 15
DBpedia Commons: Structured Multimedia Metadata from the Wikimedia Commons. ISWC 2015 16
Assessing and Refining Mappings to RDF to Improve Dataset Quality. ISWC 2015 52
Test-driven evaluation of linked data quality. WWW 2014 280
NLP Data Cleansing Based on Linguistic Ontology Constraints. ESWC 2014 23
Hybrid Acquisition of Temporal Scopes for RDF Data. ESWC 2014 28
Sorry, i don't speak SPARQL: translating SPARQL queries into natural language. WWW 2013 107
Pattern Based Knowledge Base Enrichment. ISWC 2013 43
Integrating NLP Using Linked Data. ISWC 2013 238
Crowdsourcing Linked Data Quality Assessment. ISWC 2013 140
Template-based question answering over RDF data. WWW 2012 495
Usage-Centric Benchmarking of RDF Triple Stores. AAAI 2012 27
DeFacto - Deep Fact Validation. ISWC 2012 81
deqa: Deep Web Extraction for Question Answering. ISWC 2012 51
Managing the Life-Cycle of Linked Data with the LOD2 Stack. ISWC 2012 125
Assessing Linked Data Mappings Using Network Measures. ESWC 2012 146
AutoSPARQL: Let Users Query Your Knowledge Base. ESWC 2011 124
DBpedia SPARQL Benchmark - Performance Assessment with Real Queries on Real Data. ISWC 2011 330
ORE - A Tool for Repairing and Enriching Knowledge Bases. ISWC 2010 86
I18n of Semantic Web Applications. ISWC 2010 19
Concept learning in description logics using refinement operators. MLJ 2010 0
Triplify: light-weight linked data publication from relational databases. WWW 2009 345
DL-Learner: Learning Concepts in Description Logics. JMLR 2009 210
LinkedGeoData: Adding a Spatial Dimension to the Web of Data. ISWC 2009 315
Ideal Downward Refinement in the ILP 2009 0
What Have Innsbruck and Leipzig in Common? Extracting Semantics from Wiki Content. ESWC 2007 266
Foundations of Refinement Operators for Description Logics. ILP 2007 59
A Refinement Operator Based Learning Algorithm for the ILP 2007 0
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