Jeff Z. Pan

72 publications

18 venues

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The University of Edinburgh, UK
University of Aberdeen, Department of Computing Science


Name Venue Year citations
KATIE: A System for Key Attributes Identification in Product Knowledge Graph Construction. SIGIR 2023 0
Entity-Agnostic Representation Learning for Parameter-Efficient Knowledge Graph Embedding. AAAI 2023 0
DUET: Cross-Modal Semantic Grounding for Contrastive Zero-Shot Learning. AAAI 2023 0
VOYAGE: A Large Collection of Vocabulary Usage in Open RDF Datasets. ISWC 2023 0
Rethinking Uncertainly Missing and Ambiguous Visual Modality in Multi-Modal Entity Alignment. ISWC 2023 0
A Web-based Tool for Detecting Argument Validity and Novelty. AAMAS 2023 0
HyperFormer: Enhancing Entity and Relation Interaction for Hyper-Relational Knowledge Graph Completion. CIKM 2023 0
BUCA: A Binary Classification Approach to Unsupervised Commonsense Question Answering. ACL 2023 0
Uncovering Implicit Inferences for Improved Relational Argument Mining. EACL 2023 0
Generalizing to Unseen Elements: A Survey on Knowledge Extrapolation for Knowledge Graphs. IJCAI 2023 0
Multi-view Contrastive Learning for Entity Typing over Knowledge Graphs. EMNLP 2023 0
Type-aware Embeddings for Multi-Hop Reasoning over Knowledge Graphs. IJCAI 2022 2
UnCommonSense: Informative Negative Knowledge about Everyday Concepts. CIKM 2022 0
Disentangled Ontology Embedding for Zero-shot Learning. KDD 2022 6
Transformer-based Entity Typing in Knowledge Graphs. EMNLP 2022 0
FL-MSRE: A Few-Shot Learning based Approach to Multimodal Social Relation Extraction. AAAI 2021 3
OntoZSL: Ontology-enhanced Zero-shot Learning. WWW 2021 31
PCSG: Pattern-Coverage Snippet Generation for RDF Datasets. ISWC 2021 10
Knowledge-aware Zero-Shot Learning: Survey and Perspective. IJCAI 2021 33
Zero-Shot Visual Question Answering Using Knowledge Graph. ISWC 2021 19
Target-Aspect-Sentiment Joint Detection for Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis. AAAI 2020 39
Ontology-guided Semantic Composition for Zero-shot Learning. KR 2020 8
Augmenting Transfer Learning with Semantic Reasoning. IJCAI 2019 5
Validation of Growing Knowledge Graphs by Abductive Text Evidences. AAAI 2019 6
Relevance Search over Schema-Rich Knowledge Graphs. WSDM 2019 10
Entity Enabled Relation Linking. ISWC 2019 15
Commonsense Properties from Query Logs and Question Answering Forums. CIKM 2019 38
A Framework for Evaluating Snippet Generation for Dataset Search. ISWC 2019 12
QaldGen: Towards Microbenchmarking of Question Answering Systems over Knowledge Graphs. ISWC 2019 12
Content Based Fake News Detection Using Knowledge Graphs. ISWC 2018 105
Knowledge-Based Transfer Learning Explanation. KR 2018 31
Computing Authoring Tests from Competency Questions: Experimental Validation. ISWC 2017 15
Learning from Ontology Streams with Semantic Concept Drift. IJCAI 2017 21
Tractable approximate deduction for OWL. Artificial Intelligence 2016 31
Predicting Energy Consumption of Ontology Reasoning over Mobile Devices. ISWC 2016 10
Consistent Knowledge Discovery from Evolving Ontologies. AAAI 2015 16
Rewriting-Based Instance Retrieval for Negated Concepts in Description Logic Ontologies. ISWC 2015 6
Effective Online Knowledge Graph Fusion. ISWC 2015 14
How Long Will It Take? Accurate Prediction of Ontology Reasoning Performance. AAAI 2014 26
Towards Competency Question-Driven Ontology Authoring. ESWC 2014 104
Predicting Knowledge in an Ontology Stream. IJCAI 2013 42
Transfer Learning Based Cross-lingual Knowledge Extraction for Wikipedia. ACL 2013 17
Reasoning about uncertain information and conflict resolution through trust revision. AAMAS 2013 33
RDFS Reasoning on Massively Parallel Hardware. ISWC 2012 47
Querying Linked Ontological Data through Distributed Summarization. AAAI 2012 20
Towards Practical ABox Abduction in Large OWL DL Ontologies. AAAI 2011 30
Optimising ontology stream reasoning with truth maintenance system. CIKM 2011 81
TrOWL: Tractable OWL 2 Reasoning Infrastructure. ESWC 2010 128
PossDL - A Possibilistic DL Reasoner for Uncertainty Reasoning and Inconsistency Handling. ESWC 2010 16
Novel local features with hybrid sampling technique for image retrieval. CIKM 2010 6
SAOR: Template Rule Optimisations for Distributed Reasoning over 1 Billion Linked Data Triples. ISWC 2010 63
Verifying and Validating Multi-layered Models with OWL FA Toolkit. ESWC 2010 3
Soundness Preserving Approximation for TBox Reasoning. AAAI 2010 89
A Decomposition-Based Approach to Optimizing Conjunctive Query Answering in OWL DL. ISWC 2009 3
Reducing Ambiguity in Tagging Systems with Folksonomy Search Expansion. ESWC 2009 41
Concept and Role Forgetting in ISWC 2009 0
Scalable querying services over fuzzy ontologies. WWW 2008 84
Natural language directed inference from ontologies. Artificial Intelligence 2008 37
A Kernel Revision Operator for Terminologies - Algorithms and Evaluation. ISWC 2008 61
Forgetting Concepts in DL-Lite. ESWC 2008 68
Reasoning with Very Expressive Fuzzy Description Logics. JAIR 2007 185
Approximating OWL-DL Ontologies. AAAI 2007 107
OWL FA: a metamodeling extension of OWL D. WWW 2006 81
Finding Maximally Satisfiable Terminologies for the Description Logic ALC. AAAI 2006 115
Inconsistencies, Negations and Changes in Ontologies. AAAI 2006 165
General Concept Inclusions inFluzzy Description Logics. ECAI 2006 80
Integrating and Querying Parallel Leaf Shape Descriptions. ISWC 2006 13
Querying the Semantic Web with Preferences. ISWC 2006 100
f-SWRL: A Fuzzy Extension of SWRL. ICANN 2005 106
OWL-Eu: Adding Customised Datatypes into OWL. ESWC 2005 82
Web Ontology Reasoning with Datatype Groups. ISWC 2003 45
RDFS(FA) and RDF MT: Two Semantics for RDFS. ISWC 2003 72
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