Jean Christoph Jung

30 publications

9 venues

H Index 10


Technical University of Dortmund, Department of Computer Science, Germany
University of Bremen, Institute of Computer Science, Germany


Name Venue Year citations
Answering regular path queries mediated by unrestricted SQ ontologies. Artificial Intelligence 2023 0
SAT-Based PAC Learning of Description Logic Concepts. IJCAI 2023 0
Frontiers and Exact Learning of ELI Queries under DL-Lite Ontologies. IJCAI 2022 6
QBF Programming with the Modeling Language Bule. SAT 2022 1
Conservative Extensions for Existential Rules. KR 2022 0
Logical separability of labeled data examples under ontologies. Artificial Intelligence 2022 0
Actively Learning Concepts and Conjunctive Queries under ELr-Ontologies. IJCAI 2021 5
Living Without Beth and Craig: Definitions and Interpolants in Description Logics with Nominals and Role Inclusions. AAAI 2021 4
Separating Data Examples by Description Logic Concepts with Restricted Signatures. KR 2021 5
Least General Generalizations in Description Logic: Verification and Existence. AAAI 2020 14
On the Decidability of Expressive Description Logics with Transitive Closure and Regular Role Expressions. KR 2020 4
Logical Separability of Incomplete Data under Ontologies. KR 2020 16
Conservative Extensions in Horn Description Logics with Inverse Roles. JAIR 2020 5
On Finite and Unrestricted Query Entailment beyond SQ with Number Restrictions on Transitive Roles. IJCAI 2019 8
Ontology-Mediated Queries over Probabilistic Data via Probabilistic Logic Programming. CIKM 2019 3
Learning Description Logic Concepts: When can Positive and Negative Examples be Separated?. IJCAI 2019 0
Reverse Engineering Queries in Ontology-Enriched Systems: The Case of Expressive Horn Description Logic Ontologies. IJCAI 2018 26
Quantified Markov Logic Networks. KR 2018 2
Answering Regular Path Queries over SQ Ontologies. AAAI 2018 6
Number Restrictions on Transitive Roles in Description Logics with Nominals. AAAI 2017 7
Query Conservative Extensions in Horn Description Logics with Inverse Roles. IJCAI 2017 8
Combining DL-Lite_{bool}^N with Branching Time: A gentle Marriage. IJCAI 2017 0
Probabilistic Description Logics for Subjective Uncertainty. JAIR 2017 0
Temporalized EL Ontologies for Accessing Temporal Data: Complexity of Atomic Queries. IJCAI 2016 30
On Metric Temporal Description Logics. ECAI 2016 36
Lightweight Temporal Description Logics with Rigid Roles and Restricted TBoxes. IJCAI 2015 17
Lightweight Description Logics and Branching Time: A Troublesome Marriage. KR 2014 24
Complexity of Branching Temporal Description Logics. ECAI 2012 19
Ontology-Based Access to Probabilistic Data with OWL QL. ISWC 2012 52
A Closer Look at the Probabilistic Description Logic Prob-EL. AAAI 2011 23
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