Jae Hee Lee 0001

15 publications

6 venues

H Index 3


University of Technology Sydney, Australia
University of Hamburg, Department of Informatics, Germany
Cardiff University, School of Computer Science, UK


Name Venue Year citations
Deep Hurdle Networks for Zero-Inflated Multi-Target Regression: Application to Multiple Species Abundance Estimation. IJCAI 2020 0
Capturing Word Order in Averaging Based Sentence Embeddings. ECAI 2020 0
A new distributed algorithm for efficient generalized arc-consistency propagation. Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems 2018 0
Multiagent Simple Temporal Problem: The Arc-Consistency Approach. AAAI 2018 0
A Deterministic Distributed Algorithm for Reasoning with Connected Row-Convex Constraints. AAMAS 2017 1
Trend-Based Prediction of Spatial Change. IJCAI 2016 0
On Redundancy in Simple Temporal Networks. ECAI 2016 2
Hole in One: Using Qualitative Reasoning for Solving Hard Physical Puzzle Problems. ECAI 2016 2
Connecting Qualitative Spatial and Temporal Representations by Propositional Closure. IJCAI 2016 1
From Raw Sensor Data to Detailed Spatial Knowledge. IJCAI 2015 1
Qualitative Reasoning about Directions in Semantic Spaces. IJCAI 2015 3
The Complexity of Reasoning with Relative Directions. ECAI 2014 0
StarVars - Effective Reasoning about Relative Directions. IJCAI 2013 14
Qualitative reasoning with directional relations. Artificial Intelligence 2010 24
A Combined Calculus on Orientation with Composition Based on Geometric Properties. ECAI 2010 3
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