Jörg Rothe

55 publications

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University of Düsseldorf, Germany


Name Venue Year Citations
Complexity of social welfare optimization in multiagent resource allocation. AAMAS 2010 16
Approximate Solutions To Max-Min Fair and Proportionally Fair Allocations of Indivisible Goods. AAMAS 2017 6
The Possible Winner Problem with Uncertain Weights. ECAI 2012 12
Complexity of Verification in Incomplete Argumentation Frameworks. AAAI 2018 3
Borda Count in Collective Decision Making: A Summary of Recent Results. AAAI 2019 0
Optimizing Social Welfare in Social Networks. ADT 2019 0
Bribery in Path-Disruption Games. ADT 2011 5
The complexity of voter partition in Bucklin and fallback voting: solving three open problems. AAMAS 2011 20
Complexity of Merging and Splitting for the Probabilistic Banzhaf Power Index in Weighted Voting Games. ECAI 2010 4
Controlling Candidate-Sequential Elections. ECAI 2012 9
The Complexity of Probabilistic Lobbying. ADT 2009 17
Probabilistic Path-Disruption Games. ECAI 2012 3
How to Decrease the Degree of Envy in Allocations of Indivisible Goods. ADT 2013 8
Structural Control in Weighted Voting Games: (Extended Abstract). AAMAS 2016 0
Verification in incomplete argumentation frameworks. Artificial Intelligence 2018 2
False-Name Manipulation in Weighted Voting Games is Hard for Probabilistic Polynomial Time. JAIR 2014 1
Scoring Rules for the Allocation of Indivisible Goods. ECAI 2014 13
Online Voter Control in Sequential Elections. ECAI 2012 15
Solving Seven Open Problems of Offline and Online Control in Borda Elections. AAAI 2017 5
Refugee Allocation in the Setting of Hedonic Games. ADT 2019 0
Altruistic Hedonic Games. AAMAS 2016 12
Local Fairness in Hedonic Games via Individual Threshold Coalitions. AAMAS 2016 1
Complexity of Control by Partition of Voters and of Voter Groups in Veto and Other Scoring Protocols. AAMAS 2017 3
Sequential Allocation Rules are Separable: Refuting a Conjecture on Scoring-Based Allocation of Indivisible Goods. AAMAS 2018 0
Bounds on the Cost of Stabilizing a Cooperative Game. JAIR 2018 1
Computational complexity of two variants of the possible winner problem. AAMAS 2011 30
Campaigns for lazy voters: truncated ballots. AAMAS 2012 57
Representing and Solving Hedonic Games with Ordinal Preferences and Thresholds. AAMAS 2015 16
Taking the Final Step to a Full Dichotomy of the Possible Winner Problem in Pure Scoring Rules. ECAI 2010 0
Hedonic Games with Ordinal Preferences and Thresholds. JAIR 2020 0
How Hard Is it to Bribe the Judges? A Study of the Complexity of Bribery in Judgment Aggregation. ADT 2011 23
Hybrid Elections Broaden Complexity-Theoretic Resistance to Control. IJCAI 2007 56
How to Calibrate the Scores of Biased Reviewers by Quadratic Programming. AAAI 2011 15
Strategy-Proofness of Scoring Allocation Correspondences for Indivisible Goods. IJCAI 2015 8
The shield that never was: societies with single-peaked preferences are more open to manipulation and control. TARK 2009 11
Verification in Argument-Incomplete Argumentation Frameworks. ADT 2015 7
Complexity of Shift Bribery in Iterative Elections. AAMAS 2018 9
Envy-ratio and average-nash social welfare optimization in multiagent resource allocation. AAMAS 2013 2
Complexity of manipulation, bribery, and campaign management in bucklin and fallback voting. AAMAS 2014 28
Computational Aspects of Manipulation and Control in Judgment Aggregation. ADT 2013 17
Degrees of Guaranteed Envy-Freeness in Finite Bounded Cake-Cutting Protocols. WINE 2009 6
Bribery in multiple-adversary path-disruption games is hard for the second level of the polynomial hierarchy. AAMAS 2014 3
Complexity of Bribery and Control for Uniform Premise-Based Quota Rules Under Various Preference Types. ADT 2015 3
Anyone but Him: The Complexity of Precluding an Alternative. AAAI 2005 162
Llull and Copeland Voting Computationally Resist Bribery and Constructive Control. JAIR 2009 145
Verification in Attack-Incomplete Argumentation Frameworks. ADT 2015 6
Llull and Copeland Voting Broadly Resist Bribery and Control. AAAI 2007 32
Fairness and Rank-Weighted Utilitarianism in Resource Allocation. ADT 2015 12
The cost of stability in weighted voting games. AAMAS 2009 22
Stability in FEN-Hedonic Games for Single-Player Deviations. AAMAS 2019 2
Complexity and approximability of social welfare optimization in multiagent resource allocation. AAMAS 2012 0
Complexity of Control by Partitioning Veto and Maximin Elections and of Control by Adding Candidates to Plurality Elections. ECAI 2016 0
The Complexity of Online Manipulation of Sequential Elections. TARK 2013 0
Anyone but him: The complexity of precluding an alternative. Artificial Intelligence 2007 0
The Complexity of Online Bribery in Sequential Elections (Extended Abstract). TARK 2019 0
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