Name Venue Year citations
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Automatic Assessment of Absolute Sentence Complexity. IJCAI 2017 5
Unsupervised recognition of interleaved activities of daily living through ontological and probabilistic reasoning. UbiComp 2016 88
Fast Approximate A-Box Consistency Checking Using Machine Learning. ESWC 2016 22
Markov Logic Networks with Numerical Constraints. ECAI 2016 17
Schema-Based Debugging of Federated Data Sources. ECAI 2016 5
Group Decision Making via Probabilistic Belief Merging. IJCAI 2016 6
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Enriching Structured Knowledge with Open Information. WWW 2015 38
RockIt: Exploiting Parallelism and Symmetry for MAP Inference in Statistical Relational Models. AAAI 2013 100
On the Status of Experimental Research on the Semantic Web. ISWC 2013 2
A probabilistic ontological framework for the recognition of multilevel human activities. UbiComp 2013 102
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C-OWL: Contextualizing Ontologies. ISWC 2003 425
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