Name Venue Year citations
Simplifying Content-Based Neural News Recommendation: On User Modeling and Training Objectives. SIGIR 2023 0
Biomedical Knowledge Graph Embeddings with Negative Statements. ISWC 2023 0
The Price of Algorithmic Pricing: Investigating Collusion in a Market Simulation with AI Agents. AAMAS 2023 0
KGrEaT: A Framework to Evaluate Knowledge Graphs via Downstream Tasks. CIKM 2023 0
NASTyLinker: NIL-Aware Scalable Transformer-Based Entity Linker. ESWC 2023 0
Describing and Organizing Semantic Web and Machine Learning Systems in the SWeMLS-KG. ESWC 2023 0
Transformer Based Semantic Relation Typing for Knowledge Graph Integration. ESWC 2023 0
The DLCC Node Classification Benchmark for Analyzing Knowledge Graph Embeddings. ISWC 2022 1
Entity Type Prediction Leveraging Graph Walks and Entity Descriptions. ISWC 2022 0
Background Knowledge in Schema Matching: Strategy vs. Data. ISWC 2021 2
Information Extraction From Co-Occurring Similar Entities. WWW 2021 4
Evidential Relational-Graph Convolutional Networks for Entity Classification in Knowledge Graphs. CIKM 2021 1
The Knowledge Graph Track at OAEI - Gold Standards, Baselines, and the Golden Hammer Bias. ESWC 2020 17
CSSA'20: Workshop on Combining Symbolic and Sub-Symbolic Methods and their Applications. CIKM 2020 2
A Knowledge Graph for Assessing Agressive Tax Planning Strategies. ISWC 2020 3
Entity Extraction from Wikipedia List Pages. ESWC 2020 13
On cognitive preferences and the plausibility of rule-based models. MLJ 2020 0
Uncovering the Semantics of Wikipedia Categories. ISWC 2019 20
Language-Agnostic Relation Extraction from Wikipedia Abstracts. ISWC 2017 15
WebIsALOD: Providing Hypernymy Relations Extracted from the Web as Linked Open Data. ISWC 2017 35
Global RDF Vector Space Embeddings. ISWC 2017 73
Synthesizing Knowledge Graphs for Link and Type Prediction Benchmarking. ESWC 2017 13
Data-Driven Joint Debugging of the DBpedia Mappings and Ontology - Towards Addressing the Causes Instead of the Symptoms of Data Quality in DBpedia. ESWC 2017 20
A Collection of Benchmark Datasets for Systematic Evaluations of Machine Learning on the Semantic Web. ISWC 2016 94
Fast Approximate A-Box Consistency Checking Using Machine Learning. ESWC 2016 24
RDF2Vec: RDF Graph Embeddings for Data Mining. ISWC 2016 394
Heuristics for Fixing Common Errors in Deployed Microdata. ESWC 2015 32
A decomposition of the outlier detection problem into a set of supervised learning problems. MLJ 2015 48
Serving DBpedia with DOLCE - More than Just Adding a Cherry on Top. ISWC 2015 68
Detecting Errors in Numerical Linked Data Using Cross-Checked Outlier Detection. ISWC 2014 55
Adoption of the Linked Data Best Practices in Different Topical Domains. ISWC 2014 408
Detecting Incorrect Numerical Data in DBpedia. ESWC 2014 101
Evaluation Measures for Ontology Matchers in Supervised Matching Scenarios. ISWC 2013 4
Towards Evaluating Interactive Ontology Matching Tools. ESWC 2013 54
Type Inference on Noisy RDF Data. ISWC 2013 202
Generating Possible Interpretations for Statistics from Linked Open Data. ESWC 2012 75
Explain-a-LOD: using linked open data for interpreting statistics. IUI 2012 15
3rd workshop on semantic models for adaptive interactive systems (SEMAIS): (SEMAIS). IUI 2012 0
SoKNOS - Using Semantic Technologies in Disaster Management Software. ESWC 2011 59
2nd international workshop on semantic models for adaptive interactive systems (SEMAIS 2011). IUI 2011 0
Ontology-based information visualization in integrated UIs. IUI 2011 8
Efficient Semantic Event Processing: Lessons Learned in User Interface Integration. ESWC 2010 18
Ontologies for User Interface Integration. ISWC 2009 21
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