Harith Alani

Name Venue Year citations
The Fact-Checking Observatory: Reporting the Co-Spread of Misinformation and Fact-checks on Social Media. HT 2023 0
Weaving a Semantic Web of Credibility Reviews for Explainable Misinformation Detection (Extended Abstract). IJCAI 2021 0
What's going on in my city?: recommender systems and electronic participatory budgeting. RecSys 2018 8
Classifying Crises-Information Relevancy with Semantics. ESWC 2018 14
Cross-Lingual Classification of Crisis Data. ISWC 2018 17
A Semantic Graph-Based Approach for Radicalisation Detection on Social Media. ESWC 2017 40
Semantic Wide and Deep Learning for Detecting Crisis-Information Categories on Social Media. ISWC 2017 57
EnergyUse - A Collective Semantic Platform for Monitoring and Discussing Energy Consumption. ISWC 2016 10
Semantic Topic Compass - Classification Based on Unsupervised Feature Ambiguity Gradation. ESWC 2016 0
Predicting Answering Behaviour in Online Question Answering Communities. HT 2015 7
Stretching the Life of Twitter Classifiers with Time-Stamped Semantic Graphs. ISWC 2014 3
Semantic Patterns for Sentiment Analysis of Twitter. ISWC 2014 77
SentiCircles for Contextual and Conceptual Semantic Sentiment Analysis of Twitter. ESWC 2014 72
Measuring the Topical Specificity of Online Communities. ESWC 2013 5
Semantic Sentiment Analysis of Twitter. ISWC 2012 527
Who Will Follow Whom? Exploiting Semantics for Link Prediction in Attention-Information Networks. ISWC 2012 40
Automatic Identification of Best Answers in Online Enquiry Communities. ESWC 2012 49
Modelling and Analysis of User Behaviour in Online Communities. ISWC 2011 90
Predicting Discussions on the Social Semantic Web. ESWC 2011 48
Automatically Extracting Polarity-Bearing Topics for Cross-Domain Sentiment Classification. ACL 2011 160
Semantics, Sensors, and the Social Web: The Live Social Semantics Experiments. ESWC 2010 41
Social Dynamics in Conferences: Analyses of Data from the Live Social Semantics Application. ISWC 2010 70
Live Social Semantics. ISWC 2009 72
Semantic Modelling of User Interests Based on Cross-Folksonomy Analysis. ISWC 2008 118
Ranking Ontologies with AKTiveRank. ISWC 2006 181
Changing Ontology Breaks Queries. ISWC 2006 10
Winnowing Ontologies Based on Application Use. ESWC 2006 50
Position paper: ontology construction from online ontologies. WWW 2006 90
Towards a Killer App for the Semantic Web. ISWC 2005 29
Monitoring Research Collaborations Using Semantic Web Technologies. ESWC 2005 8
On the Emergent Semantic Web and Overlooked Issues. ISWC 2004 30
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