Gregor Behnke

21 publications

5 venues

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Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, Germany


Name Venue Year citations
New Developments for Robert - Assisting Novice Users Even Better in DIY Projects. ICAPS 2020 0
HDDL: An Extension to PDDL for Expressing Hierarchical Planning Problems. AAAI 2020 0
On Succinct Groundings of HTN Planning Problems. AAAI 2020 0
Delete- and Ordering-Relaxation Heuristics for HTN Planning. IJCAI 2020 0
HTN Planning as Heuristic Progression Search. JAIR 2020 0
Bringing Order to Chaos - A Compact Representation of Partial Order in SAT-Based HTN Planning. AAAI 2019 8
Finding Optimal Solutions in HTN Planning - A SAT-based Approach. IJCAI 2019 5
On Guiding Search in HTN Planning with Classical Planning Heuristics. IJCAI 2019 4
Instructing Novice Users on How to Use Tools in DIY Projects. IJCAI 2018 7
A Generic Method to Guide HTN Progression Search with Classical Heuristics. ICAPS 2018 10
totSAT - Totally-Ordered Hierarchical Planning Through SAT. AAAI 2018 14
An Admissible HTN Planning Heuristic. IJCAI 2017 12
This Is a Solution! (... But Is It Though?) - Verifying Solutions of Hierarchical Planning Problems. ICAPS 2017 6
Change the Plan - How Hard Can That Be? ICAPS 2016 14
Bound to Plan: Exploiting Classical Heuristics via Automatic Translations of Tail-Recursive HTN Problems. ICAPS 2016 19
Assessing the Expressivity of Planning Formalisms through the Comparison to Formal Languages. ICAPS 2016 19
More than a Name? On Implications of Preconditions and Effects of Compound HTN Planning Tasks. ECAI 2016 12
On the Complexity of HTN Plan Verification and Its Implications for Plan Recognition. ICAPS 2015 20
A Planning-Based Assistance System for Setting Up a Home Theater. AAAI 2015 19
Coherence Across Components in Cognitive Systems - One Ontology to Rule Them All. IJCAI 2015 17
Language Classification of Hierarchical Planning Problems. ECAI 2014 30
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