Goran Glavas

30 publications

8 venues

H Index 15


University of Mannheim, Data and Web Science Group, Germany


Name Venue Year citations
Windowing Models for Abstractive Summarization of Long Texts. ECIR 2021 1
Evaluating Multilingual Text Encoders for Unsupervised Cross-Lingual Retrieval. ECIR 2021 11
Is Supervised Syntactic Parsing Beneficial for Language Understanding Tasks? An Empirical Investigation. EACL 2021 32
On the Limitations of Cross-lingual Encoders as Exposed by Reference-Free Machine Translation Evaluation. ACL 2020 35
Two-Level Transformer and Auxiliary Coherence Modeling for Improved Text Segmentation. AAAI 2020 13
Towards Instance-Level Parser Selection for Cross-Lingual Transfer of Dependency Parsers. COLING 2020 3
Probing Pretrained Language Models for Lexical Semantics. EMNLP 2020 58
Specializing Unsupervised Pretraining Models for Word-Level Semantic Similarity. COLING 2020 23
From Zero to Hero: On the Limitations of Zero-Shot Language Transfer with Multilingual Transformers. EMNLP 2020 65
Classification-Based Self-Learning for Weakly Supervised Bilingual Lexicon Induction. ACL 2020 7
XHate-999: Analyzing and Detecting Abusive Language Across Domains and Languages. COLING 2020 21
A General Framework for Implicit and Explicit Debiasing of Distributional Word Vector Spaces. AAAI 2020 22
XCOPA: A Multilingual Dataset for Causal Commonsense Reasoning. EMNLP 2020 43
Non-Linear Instance-Based Cross-Lingual Mapping for Non-Isomorphic Embedding Spaces. ACL 2020 12
Generalized Tuning of Distributional Word Vectors for Monolingual and Cross-Lingual Lexical Entailment. ACL 2019 11
Computational Analysis of Political Texts: Bridging Research Efforts Across Communities. ACL 2019 8
Multilingual and Cross-Lingual Graded Lexical Entailment. ACL 2019 9
Zero-Shot Language Transfer for Cross-Lingual Sentence Retrieval Using Bidirectional Attention Model. ECIR 2019 0
How to (Properly) Evaluate Cross-Lingual Word Embeddings: On Strong Baselines, Comparative Analyses, and Some Misconceptions. ACL 2019 119
Evaluating Resource-Lean Cross-Lingual Embedding Models in Unsupervised Retrieval. SIGIR 2019 16
Unsupervised Cross-Lingual Information Retrieval Using Monolingual Data Only. SIGIR 2018 52
Investigating the Role of Argumentation in the Rhetorical Analysis of Scientific Publications with Neural Multi-Task Learning Models. EMNLP 2018 14
Explicit Retrofitting of Distributional Word Vectors. ACL 2018 58
Adversarial Propagation and Zero-Shot Cross-Lingual Transfer of Word Vector Specialization. EMNLP 2018 35
Unsupervised Cross-Lingual Scaling of Political Texts. EACL 2017 14
Dual Tensor Model for Detecting Asymmetric Lexico-Semantic Relations. EMNLP 2017 27
Improving Neural Knowledge Base Completion with Cross-Lingual Projections. EACL 2017 8
Detecting and Ranking Conceptual Links between Texts Using a Knowledge Base. CIKM 2016 1
Simplifying Lexical Simplification: Do We Need Simplified Corpora? ACL 2015 119
Recognizing Identical Events with Graph Kernels. ACL 2013 3
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