Gerhard Lakemeyer

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Name Venue Year Citations
Steps Towards a First-Order Logic of Explicit and Implicit Belief. TARK 1986 38
ESP: A Logic of Only-Knowing, Noisy Sensing and Acting. AAAI 2007 20
Only-Knowing Meets Nonmonotonic Modal Logic. KR 2012 6
Semantics for a useful fragment of the situation calculus. IJCAI 2005 19
Only Knowing in the Situation Calculus. KR 1996 9
Decidable Reasoning in First-Order Knowledge Bases with Perfect Introspection. AAAI 1990 4
Initial Results on Generating Macro Actions from a Plan Database for Planning on Autonomous Mobile Robots. ICAPS 2017 4
Belief revision and projection in the epistemic situation calculus. Artificial Intelligence 2017 2
A Logic for Non-Terminating Golog Programs. KR 2008 49
A Computationally Attractive First-Order Logic of Belief. JELIA 1990 8
AOL: A logic of Acting, Sensing, Knowing, and Only Knowing. KR 1998 46
A Logic of Limited Belief for Reasoning with Disjunctive Information. KR 2004 27
Decidable Reasoning in a First-Order Logic of Limited Conditional Belief. ECAI 2016 3
All They Know: A Study in Multi-Agent Autoepistemic Reasoning. IJCAI 1993 28
On the Progression of Knowledge in Multiagent Systems. KR 2014 2
On-Line Execution of cc-Golog Plans. IJCAI 2001 21
Query Evaluation and Progression in AOL Knowledge Bases. IJCAI 1999 5
A Semantic Account of Iterated Belief Revision in the Situation Calculus. ECAI 2014 6
On the Relation between Explicit and Implicit Belief. KR 1991 6
Projection in the Epistemic Situation Calculus with Belief Conditionals. AAAI 2015 2
Goal Reasoning in the CLIPS Executive for Integrated Planning and Execution. ICAPS 2019 0
A First-Order Logic of Probability and Only Knowing in Unbounded Domains. AAAI 2016 5
Enhancing the Power of a Decidable First-Order Reasoner. KR 1994 2
On Progression and Query Evaluation in First-Order Knowledge Bases with Function Symbols. IJCAI 2011 7
On the Verification of Very Expressive Temporal Properties of Non-terminating Golog Programs. ECAI 2010 5
Multi-Agent Only-Knowing Revisited. KR 2010 10
First competition section paper published. Artificial Intelligence 2013 0
All They Know About. AAAI 1993 10
A Tractable, Expressive, and Eventually Complete First-Order Logic of Limited Belief. IJCAI 2019 0
Continual Planning in Golog. AAAI 2016 13
Decidable Reasoning in a Fragment of the Epistemic Situation Calculus. KR 2014 12
Towards an Axiom System for Default Logic. AAAI 2006 13
Reasoning about Imperfect Information Games in the Epistemic Situation Calculus. AAAI 2010 8
Reasoning about Probabilities in Unbounded First-Order Dynamical Domains. IJCAI 2017 3
A Situation-Calculus Semantics for an Expressive Fragment of PDDL. AAAI 2007 18
Efficient Reasoning in Multiagent Epistemic Logics. ECAI 2012 13
Towards an Integration of Golog and Planning. IJCAI 2007 38
Experiences with an Interactive Museum Tour-Guide Robot. Artificial Intelligence 1999 605
Situations, Si! Situation Terms, No! KR 2004 38
First-Order Strong Progression for Local-Effect Basic Action Theories. KR 2008 19
Exploring the Boundaries of Decidable Verification of Non-Terminating Golog Programs. AAAI 2014 10
A Tractable Knowledge Representation Service with Full Introspection. TARK 1988 11
A Semantical Account of Progression in the Presence of Defaults. IJCAI 2009 22
On the Expressiveness of Levesque's Normal Form. JAIR 2008 1
On First-Order Definability and Computability of Progression for Local-Effect Actions and Beyond. IJCAI 2009 37
ASP-Based Time-Bounded Planning for Logistics Robots. ICAPS 2018 7
A generic robot database and its application in fault analysis and performance evaluation. IROS 2012 34
Representing Value Functions with Recurrent Binary Decision Diagrams. ECAI 2012 0
Limited Reasoning in First-Order Knowledge Bases with Full Introspection. Artificial Intelligence 1996 19
Decidable Reasoning in a Logic of Limited Belief with Introspection and Unknown Individuals. IJCAI 2013 6
Semantical considerations on multiagent only knowing. Artificial Intelligence 2015 5
Only-Knowing: Taking It Beyond Autoepistemic Reasoning. AAAI 2005 20
Tractable Meta-Reasoning in Propositional Logics of Belief. IJCAI 1987 24
Extending DTGOLOG with Options. IJCAI 2003 8
A Semantical Account of Progression in the Presence of Uncertainty. AAAI 2011 8
Controlling Unreal Tournament 2004 Bots with the Logic-based Action Language GOLOG. AIIDE 2005 7
Levesque's Axiomatization of only Knowing is Incomplete. Artificial Intelligence 1995 20
All You Ever Wanted to Know about Tweety (But Were Afraid to Ask). KR 1992 4
Interruptible Task Execution with Resumption in Golog. ECAI 2016 1
Evaluation-Based Reasoning with Disjunctive Information in First-Order Knowledge Bases. KR 2002 23
Towards Robust Task Execution for Domestic Service Robots. ICAPS 2014 6
Belief Revision and Progression of Knowledge Bases in the Epistemic Situation Calculus. IJCAI 2015 5
A semantic characterization of a useful fragment of the situation calculus with knowledge. Artificial Intelligence 2011 29
A Logical Account of Relevance. IJCAI 1995 16
Foundations for Knowledge-Based Programs using ES. KR 2006 15
Only Knowing Meets Common Knowledge. IJCAI 2015 4
Multiagent Only Knowing in Dynamic Systems. JAIR 2014 3
On Perfect Introspection With Quantifying-in. TARK 1992 2
Limited Reasoning in First-Order Knowledge Bases. Artificial Intelligence 1994 13
Relevance from an Epistemic Perspective. Artificial Intelligence 1997 21
Turning High-Level Plans into Robot Programs in Uncertain Domains. ECAI 2000 20
A Model of Decidable Introspective Reasoning with Quantifying-In. IJCAI 1991 0
Logic-based robot control in highly dynamic domains. Robotics and Autonomous Systems 2008 72
Decidable Reasoning in a Logic of Limited Belief with Function Symbols. KR 2016 3
Multi-Agent Only Knowing. TARK 1996 0
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