Gerhard Lakemeyer

Name Venue Year citations
A Logic of Only-Believing over Arbitrary Probability Distributions. AAMAS 2023 0
Safety of Human-Robot Collaboration within the Internet of Production. HCI 2023 0
Concerning Measures in a First-order Logic with Actions and Meta-beliefs. KR 2023 0
Verifying Belief-Based Programs via Symbolic Dynamic Programming. ECAI 2023 0
A hybrid skill parameterisation model combining symbolic and subsymbolic elements for introspective robots. Robotics and Autonomous Systems 2023 0
Epistemic Logic of Likelihood and Belief. IJCAI 2022 0
A Framework for the Classification of Human-Robot Interactions Within the Internet of Production. HCI 2022 1
Using Platform Models for a Guided Explanatory Diagnosis Generation for Mobile Robots. IJCAI 2021 0
Ontology-Assisted Generalisation of Robot Action Execution Knowledge. IROS 2021 3
Reasoning about Beliefs and Meta-Beliefs by Regression in an Expressive Probabilistic Action Logic. IJCAI 2021 3
Robot Action Diagnosis and Experience Correction by Falsifying Parameterised Execution Models. ICRA 2021 1
Transforming Robotic Plans with Timed Automata to Solve Temporal Platform Constraints. IJCAI 2021 3
Macro Operator Synthesis for ADL Domains. ECAI 2020 3
Representation and Experience-Based Learning of Explainable Models for Robot Action Execution. IROS 2020 9
A First-Order Logic of Limited Belief Based on Possible Worlds. KR 2020 1
Goal Reasoning in the CLIPS Executive for Integrated Planning and Execution. ICAPS 2019 11
A Tractable, Expressive, and Eventually Complete First-Order Logic of Limited Belief. IJCAI 2019 2
ASP-Based Time-Bounded Planning for Logistics Robots. ICAPS 2018 17
Reasoning about Probabilities in Unbounded First-Order Dynamical Domains. IJCAI 2017 14
Belief revision and projection in the epistemic situation calculus. Artificial Intelligence 2017 9
Initial Results on Generating Macro Actions from a Plan Database for Planning on Autonomous Mobile Robots. ICAPS 2017 15
Interruptible Task Execution with Resumption in Golog. ECAI 2016 3
Decidable Reasoning in a First-Order Logic of Limited Conditional Belief. ECAI 2016 3
A First-Order Logic of Probability and Only Knowing in Unbounded Domains. AAAI 2016 9
Continual Planning in Golog. AAAI 2016 26
Decidable Reasoning in a Logic of Limited Belief with Function Symbols. KR 2016 4
Only Knowing Meets Common Knowledge. IJCAI 2015 5
Semantical considerations on multiagent only knowing. Artificial Intelligence 2015 5
Projection in the Epistemic Situation Calculus with Belief Conditionals. AAAI 2015 4
Belief Revision and Progression of Knowledge Bases in the Epistemic Situation Calculus. IJCAI 2015 10
Decidable Reasoning in a Fragment of the Epistemic Situation Calculus. KR 2014 18
Exploring the Boundaries of Decidable Verification of Non-Terminating Golog Programs. AAAI 2014 16
Towards Robust Task Execution for Domestic Service Robots. ICAPS 2014 17
On the Progression of Knowledge in Multiagent Systems. KR 2014 2
Multiagent Only Knowing in Dynamic Systems. JAIR 2014 9
A Semantic Account of Iterated Belief Revision in the Situation Calculus. ECAI 2014 7
Decidable Reasoning in a Logic of Limited Belief with Introspection and Unknown Individuals. IJCAI 2013 9
First competition section paper published. Artificial Intelligence 2013 0
Only-Knowing Meets Nonmonotonic Modal Logic. KR 2012 11
Efficient Reasoning in Multiagent Epistemic Logics. ECAI 2012 22
Representing Value Functions with Recurrent Binary Decision Diagrams. ECAI 2012 0
A generic robot database and its application in fault analysis and performance evaluation. IROS 2012 46
On Progression and Query Evaluation in First-Order Knowledge Bases with Function Symbols. IJCAI 2011 8
A semantic characterization of a useful fragment of the situation calculus with knowledge. Artificial Intelligence 2011 44
A Semantical Account of Progression in the Presence of Uncertainty. AAAI 2011 12
Multi-Agent Only-Knowing Revisited. KR 2010 0
Reasoning about Imperfect Information Games in the Epistemic Situation Calculus. AAAI 2010 12
On the Verification of Very Expressive Temporal Properties of Non-terminating Golog Programs. ECAI 2010 5
A Semantical Account of Progression in the Presence of Defaults. IJCAI 2009 24
On First-Order Definability and Computability of Progression for Local-Effect Actions and Beyond. IJCAI 2009 50
Logic-based robot control in highly dynamic domains. Robotics and Autonomous Systems 2008 104
On the Expressiveness of Levesque's Normal Form. JAIR 2008 2
First-Order Strong Progression for Local-Effect Basic Action Theories. KR 2008 24
A Logic for Non-Terminating Golog Programs. KR 2008 66
Towards an Integration of Golog and Planning. IJCAI 2007 50
A Situation-Calculus Semantics for an Expressive Fragment of PDDL. AAAI 2007 26
ESP: A Logic of Only-Knowing, Noisy Sensing and Acting. AAAI 2007 27
Towards an Axiom System for Default Logic. AAAI 2006 15
Foundations for Knowledge-Based Programs using ES. KR 2006 19
Only-Knowing: Taking It Beyond Autoepistemic Reasoning. AAAI 2005 23
Controlling Unreal Tournament 2004 Bots with the Logic-based Action Language GOLOG. AIIDE 2005 13
Semantics for a useful fragment of the situation calculus. IJCAI 2005 33
Situations, Si! Situation Terms, No! KR 2004 54
A Logic of Limited Belief for Reasoning with Disjunctive Information. KR 2004 36
Extending DTGOLOG with Options. IJCAI 2003 16
Evaluation-Based Reasoning with Disjunctive Information in First-Order Knowledge Bases. KR 2002 31
On-Line Execution of cc-Golog Plans. IJCAI 2001 30
Turning High-Level Plans into Robot Programs in Uncertain Domains. ECAI 2000 37
Query Evaluation and Progression in AOL Knowledge Bases. IJCAI 1999 7
Experiences with an Interactive Museum Tour-Guide Robot. Artificial Intelligence 1999 947
AOL: A logic of Acting, Sensing, Knowing, and Only Knowing. KR 1998 68
Relevance from an Epistemic Perspective. Artificial Intelligence 1997 31
Limited Reasoning in First-Order Knowledge Bases with Full Introspection. Artificial Intelligence 1996 23
Only Knowing in the Situation Calculus. KR 1996 17
Multi-Agent Only Knowing. TARK 1996 0
A Logical Account of Relevance. IJCAI 1995 23
Levesque's Axiomatization of only Knowing is Incomplete. Artificial Intelligence 1995 33
Limited Reasoning in First-Order Knowledge Bases. Artificial Intelligence 1994 26
Enhancing the Power of a Decidable First-Order Reasoner. KR 1994 4
All They Know: A Study in Multi-Agent Autoepistemic Reasoning. IJCAI 1993 50
All They Know About. AAAI 1993 18
On Perfect Introspection With Quantifying-in. TARK 1992 6
All You Ever Wanted to Know about Tweety (But Were Afraid to Ask). KR 1992 11
A Model of Decidable Introspective Reasoning with Quantifying-In. IJCAI 1991 4
On the Relation between Explicit and Implicit Belief. KR 1991 14
A Computationally Attractive First-Order Logic of Belief. JELIA 1990 15
Decidable Reasoning in First-Order Knowledge Bases with Perfect Introspection. AAAI 1990 8
A Tractable Knowledge Representation Service with Full Introspection. TARK 1988 24
Tractable Meta-Reasoning in Propositional Logics of Belief. IJCAI 1987 55
Steps Towards a First-Order Logic of Explicit and Implicit Belief. TARK 1986 85
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